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bassman: blackface vs blonde

Blue Strat

"Tone is in the ear of the beholder". ;)

There are 3 different blackface circuits which all differ, somewhat, tonally.

In general, the earlier Blondes have more clean headroom...but even that will vary from amp to amp depending on upkeep, drifting components and the particular tubes used.


Leo felt the blonde bassman was the best amp he ever built. I like mine...:BEER
I agree with Leo. There's a thread going entitled, "'65 Bassman Wow" with some discussion about the piggyback bassman--blondes and various incarnations of BF--you might find interesting. Best, Steveokla (new guy)


Fuzzy Guitars
Blond Fenders are like Brown Fenders and fall between Tweed and Blackface Fenders tonally...they tend to have more mids and be more raw than a BF but they are a bit cleaner and less raw than a tweed.

A BF Fender Bassman is a good amp a Blond Bassman is a GREAT amp...this is of course my opinion.

I by far prefer Tweeds/Blonds and Browns to Blackface Fenders...


Both are fantastic - and as Mike from KCA said - tone is in the ear of the beholder. I like them both equally.

Blondes: almost a mix of Tweed and BF together. More mids and slightly softer highs like a Tweed, but, a bit tighter overall like a BF.

BF: slighly less mids (although I wouldn't call them scooped per say), bigger and tigher bottom, clearer and brighter highs.

Both are outstanding amps.

Groovey Records

Senior Member
Blondes have more fun

Brian Setzer's Rig


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