BB Bringin` it !

There was another recent post of B from the early seventies. Certainly prime years for the king o' the blues! Here he's taken blues music back home! James Brown was killer on this show, too!


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He's still got it at eighty-four! Just saw him a week ago in Knoxville... BB's the best.


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This performance occured as part of the music festival that preceded the historic “Rumble in the Jungle” boxing match between then world Heavyweight champion George Foreman and former world champion and challenger Muhammad Ali, which took place in Zaire in October, 1974. The performance was at the Mai 20 Stadium, which held over 80,000 people. There was a 3 day music festival as part of the event, and B.B. played a 48 minute set that included "To Know You Is To Love You”, “I Believe in my Soul”, "Why I Sing The Blues", “Ain’t Nobody Home”, “The Thrill is Gone”, “Guess Who” and "I Like To Live The Love” in addition to “Sweet Sixteen”. B.B. was at the peak of his powers during this performance. His showmanship and virtuosity were phenomenal on every song he played. The original video of the concert was called B.B. King: Live in Africa '74. It was later released as B.B. King Sweet 16, and is currently available as B.B. King Live in Africa. It is well worth getting. The sound is excellent, which is a bit surprising considering the technology that was available at the time and that the concert was performed in a huge outdoors stadium. One thing I really liked about the video is that it presents the performance of B.B. and his killer band without a lot of the cinematic gimmickry that you so often see in concert videos. It simply shows a master musician at his best.


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Bought a copy of this DVD on eBay a few months ago for like $3 from Korea. Highly recommended, though I think he has way better recordings on audio CDs here and when he rocked the Switchmaster.

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Great concert. I wore out the vhs of it that I used to have.

One silly tidbit - is it just me or does the rhythm guitarist have a marked resemblance to Larry Carlton?


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He's still got it at eighty-four! Just saw him a week ago in Knoxville... BB's the best.

Yep, saw him about a month ago. I was expecting the "normal BB show," lots of talking, but some great playing in between. BB played about 2 hours and 45 minutes! He played a ton! Must have been feeling really good! I've seen him a few times, but that show was amazing! And of course a ton of great stories too :D

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