BB Preamp, or Fulltone OCD?


Knowing that all other things play apart, guitar, amp etc., which pedal would you go with and why if you were to buy just one?
Personally, I have a '99 r7 with Fillmores in it going into a (for the moment) '65 twin reissue with CV123 and a G12H30 in it. I am really searching for a pedal that works well with the LP. Strats seem to be much easier to find pedals for, but Im finding the LPs to be a lot harder to please. Right now, I think I have narrowed my next buy to one of these two. :Devil


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I have both. On the same board. And I use both all the time. They are great pedals. I play LPs a lot and I use the OCD for a little more driven tone thAn the BB. Just how I have mine dialed. I like to use the BB stacked with other ODs. Heck i stack those two together even. I know others do the opposite but that's what I do. If I had to choose one over the other for the LP I guess I would take the OCD but not by much. Such a versatile OD pedal.


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Ive owned both and still have the OCD. It is more natural sounding and definitely favors Les Pauls. Highly recommended


Looks like you're getting a lot of differing opinions. Mine? I had the v3 OCD and could never get it to sound good (bought it on an impulse after trying it for five minutes at a music store, mistake...). Too bassy, too "artificial" sounding with a Strat and Fender amps Got the BB and love it--it sounds good with any guitar and amp I use it with and the tone controls are really versatile. I don't know if the OCD v4 is better than the v3.


I use a Les Paul and have owned both pedals a few times. I am now using the BB mid-boost as my only OD pedal. Reacts well, has a good amount of gain but can do lower gain, can be dialed in for different amps and it works well with other pedals. I ditched two OCD's because of its output impedance - it does not work well with true-bypass effects farther down in the chain.


I like my OCD, I don't have any issues with it not playing well with other true-bypass pedals. Both my MLJr. and HoF sound great with it!

The only thing that's weird about the OCD is that some days I don't like it as much and some days I really love it. It sounds good with LPs for sure. Sometimes I just have to dial in a different setting to play with it a bit. But for the most part, I like it. Most OD pedals I have I usually have a fall out with after a week, but the OCD keeps managing to stay on my board - and I run it at 9V. I'm looking to get a PlimSoul soon, though.


I just booted the OCD from my board. BB is never leaving. Play les Paul's into a jcm800 and at stage levels the OCD seems like it needs more low mids. The BB into the Marshall is my basic hard rock tone. Actually the marshal itself is the basic - the BB is second gear.

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