Bearfoot EGDM vs EGDM Low Gain Comparison


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I recently picked up an EGDM, and thanks to DonneR, had the opportunity to compare it with the EGDM Low Gain (EGOD) for a period of time to see which one would work best for me and my setup. I thought I would share my thoughts, in case someone was on the fence about which to buy.

First of all, you can dial both in to sound almost identical to each other, although with obviously different knob settings. The EGDM also has WAY more volume on tap. The biggest differences to me, other than the obvious gain and volume differences, are overall EQ and tone, and they are subtle. The low gain to my ear is little more open, thicker, and warmer than the regular version, with a slightly different upper mid emphasis. Whether that is a good thing, is up to the user and his gear. I also found that the Voice knobs seemed to operate opposite from one other. The LG had the most bass fully CCW, and was a bit loose. The regular gain, had the most bass fully CW, and was a narrow tight bass, and I liked it. Didn't hear tons of difference through the sweep on either until you got the end of its travel, although admittedly, other than testing, I wouldn't run either with a lot of gain. The Voice knob has a more obvious effect with higher settings of the Drive knob. The Tone(Treble) knobs on both are a joy, and are easy to find what you are looking for. I preferred the clipping texture on the regular gain a bit more as well. Both clean up remarkably well with the guitar volume knob.

In the end I stuck with the regular gain, because just like my Dyna Red 3K, I found my sound right away, and haven't really strayed from it. The low gain, I found myself tweaking a bit more, looking for it. The regular gain just felt and sounded right with my amps (a 50w Plexi Clone I built, and a Matchless Clubman), and at gig volume levels really has that Vox ZING going on!! I do think that the slightly warmer/thicker tonality of the low gain would work better with Blackface type amps.

I hope that helps! To be honest, you could easily justify having both!
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That's a really helpful review. Great job explaining the distinction! I've watched demos of both but this really nails the mechanics and functionality. Thanks! (I'm still a little torn, though. Eenie meenie....)

I think I'm going to try the EGOD just because I have a Red Rooster to pair with it. We'll see how that goes.

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