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Bearfoot FX One Control Dirty Tourbox


For this demo all rhythm guitars on the left are my '74 Les Paul Deluxe, and the rhythm on the right is a Michael Kelly Telecaster. The main rhythm sections feature the Strawberry Red Overdive or Baltic Blue Fuzz. The hard rock section starting at 2:08 features the Purple Plexifier in the left channel and the Anodized Brown Distortion in the right channel. Amp is an Egnater Rebel 30.

Solo 1 - 0:42 -- Michael Kelly Tele into Strawberry Red Overdrive
Solo 2 - 1:39 -- Michael Kelly Tele into Baltic Blue Fuzz
Solo 3 - 2:22 -- Les Paul into Purple Plexifier
Solo 4 - 2:49 -- Les Paul into Anodized Brown Distortion

Bottom line:
SRO - very versitile, wide range of gain - love it!
BBF - best pedal of the bunch, great tone, very quiet, great pick attack (not muddy of flabby like other fuzzes) - love it!!
PP - great tone, nice gain range, very musical - love it!
ABD - very noisy, average tone, non inspiring - leave it.
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