BearFoot FX 'Silver Bee Hi/Lo' USA Tourbox! (Reviews, demos, comments, etc.!)


The BearFoot FX 'Silver Bee Hi/Lo' USA Tourbox has begun! :aok

I received both Tourboxes this afternoon!

PLEASE! If you're participating, subscribe to this thread (post *almost* anything!) for easy access, updates, reviews and demos!

Pedals included in the High Gain Tourbox are...

Silver Bee OD (SBOD)

Honey Beest OD (HBeest or BEEST)

Über Bee OD (ÜBOD)

Sparkling Yellow OD 3 (SYOD3)

Pedals included in the Low Gain Tourbox are...

Silver Bee OD (SBOD)

BlueBerry Bass OD (3BOD or BBBOD)

Honey Bee OD (HBOD)

Model G (MG)

(For pics, please see Post #47!)

Just a reminder of the RULES:

- As soon as you receive the Tourbox, please post on this thread (or PM me) so we all know where it is! (I'll keep the lists updated as often as possible so you can refer to them at any time.) :)

- You may keep the Tourbox for up to a week. If something comes up on your end, please make this thread and me aware ASAP. :idea

- Handle these pedals with care, and please report any mechanical or excessive cosmetic damage to me via PM immediately. These pedals are NOT TO BE OPENED or reverse-engineered (obviously). :nono

- The Tourbox must be sent via a track-able method and should be insured for $750. You may instead hand it off to the next person on the list if you're able to do so. :beer

- Share your findings, comments, comparisons with the thread via a written review and/or demo. PLEASE remember to tell us what type of gear you used while assessing these pedals! Your comments, thoughts and reviews are extremely helpful to DonneR in making sure the people get what they want and need! :cool:

- Please be as communicative as possible when receiving/sending the Tourbox (e.g., notify your recipient ahead of time, verify mailing address, supply tracking info, update the thread). :argue

- Have fun!!! :rotflmao

- If you have any questions/scheduling problems, etc., please PM me. I'll do my best to get back to you ASAP, and to accommodate your needs and/or request(s)! :drown

I'll be checking in here as often as possible to keep an eye on the whereabouts of the Tourboxes once this thing gets rolling! And I'll be interested to read your feedback and watch/listen to any demos that might pop up. :munch

Please review the list of participants below. Contact me ASAP if you see a problem of any kind! :JAM

Here is the list of High Gain participants (IN ORDER):

amdowell < ------------------------ reviewed, finished!
Bshecko < ------------------------ demoed, finished!
EL34 < ---------------------------- reviewed, finished!
papersun < ------------------------reviewed, finished!
e-flat < --------------------------- reviewed, finished!
Webfoot < -------------------------reviewed, finished!
lp144 < ----------------------------finished!
bertramladner < ------------------- reviewed, finished!
OverdriveLover < -------------------reviewed, finished!
thekaiser < ------------------------ reviewed, finished!
Texas_Blues < ---------------------reviewed, finished!
Flatscan < ------------------------ asked to be removed from list...PLEASE SKIP!
coltonius < ------------------------ finished!
kwd1987 < ------------------------ reviewed, finished!
thesooze < ------------------------ demoed, finished!
Veritas < -------------------------- reviewed, finished...Tourbox back home with Donner!

...and a list of the Low Gain participants (IN ORDER):

aaronblues < ---------------------- reviewed, finished!
la noise < ------------------------- reviewed, demoed, finished!
ellsworthman < -------------------- reviewed, finished!
ChampReverb < --------------------reviewed, finished!
thiscalltoarms < ------------------- reviewed, finished!
tjontheroad < ----------------------demoed, finished!
lespaulist < ------------------------ finished!
Bobby D < -------------------------demoed, finished!
Lt_Core < ------------------------- finished!
cbm < ----------------------------- finished!
NoThisIsPatrick < ------------------ finished!
iowa < ---------------------------- finished!
seth3 <---------------------------- asked to be removed from list...PLEASE SKIP!
KennyPatrick < -------------------- finished!
ldizzle < --------------------------- reviewed, demoed, finished!
Prof.Fuzz < ------------------------reviewed, finished!

Calculate approximately when you'll receive the pedals by counting a week for each participant, including me. If you foresee a problem with your position on the list (now or at ANY time), please contact me ASAP and I'll do what I can to accommodate your needs. :BluesBros

And as always...many, many thanks to DonneR for making this possible! :bow

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All participants...please subscribe to this thread if you haven't already! 11 down, 21 to go! :aok

Thanks! :)

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