Bearfoot PGC compared to AM compressors


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Interested in the PGC but already have the AM Comprosser and Orange Juicer. Just wondering how much squash (for lack of a better word) the PGC can get compared to these two AM compressors. I really like the subtle things I hear on demos of the PGC, but was wondering how much "effect" is available relative to the Comprosser and Orange Juicer as reference points. It would be great to have a pedal that could go from subtle and also have some degree of squash and bloom available, and wondering if the PGC could get me there. Thanks.
the v3 pgc has a fair bit of squash available. the first two versions are a lot more subtle. keep in mind it's still an opto comp, though.


I would call it very light squash but a great effect and a very nice pedal. I have it on my little board, tried the okko compressor as well as analogman duo. I kind of use pgc 3 as a clean boost, thickener. It's a quality pedal, really quiet and easy to use, but the amount of compression is minimal and I play clean strat into 6l6, granted I'm new to pedals and mine get used only at home volumes so maybe cranked you can squash a bit more...

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If you want a wider range of compression you might also consider the BF Ever Green Comp , especially for the blooming note /faux feedback stuff ....

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