Beatup BBOD in the house.


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I bought that chipped up BJFE Baby Blue Overdrive ( #48 ) that was on the bay last week. ($362, not too bad ) I was planning on using it for trade bait to get a BJFE LGW from a member but after putting it through a side by side with a slew of great drives, it ain't going anywhere. The competition includes : Eternity, COT50 red, BJFE HoneyBee and Dyna RED, Mad Professor Little Green Wonder, Carb, and BYOC mk2. I had a BJFE SeaBlue EQ on at the end of the chain for all of them. While the BBOD doesn't have gobs of level on tap like the DRD and LGW, it more than made up for it in tone and dynamics. The SBEQ helped with a little more push. No flab with this pedal, hammering on the low E string with a walking bass line and crushing an A chord never sounded so good.A tight, no mud, growling, purring tone poured out my speakers that really stood out against the other pedals. I know each of the pedals tested does its own thing very well but the BBOD was just better overall. Touch dynamics and the the way it held its fullness when you back off on the volume knob was superior. Some off the stacks were off the hook and the possibilities for great sounds seems endless. While sounding good with all the pickup types, the tone with P90's was inspiring. Even the kids commented on it and thats rare. Bottom line, it may be beatup, but the tone baby, the tone.......


Yeah just saw that on ebay. I am going to die. I traded in for $100 on an RC booster. It was too midrangy with my Badger. The E sounds best through my Badger. I loved it though my Z, but I sold my Z too. I bought it new many years ago for 189. I had no idea they where going for that much. I am going to call Eddie tomorrow and give him some crap. I will get a big discount on my next purchase. I have the original receipt if you want it. I used to put my pedals in a gym bag. They clanged around. Now I have a very nice board. I am glad someone has it who will enjoy it. Would have kept it but couldn't get the mids where way too thick in that amp.

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Cool sounds like it has a good home with plenty of friend to lay with:AOK
One thing on those - The BB does usualy like to be stacked into_ except the HB in front works really well.... and also you probably found BBOD low drive into LGW - sing city..... have fun :AOK


I have a BBOD on the way - great condition but it was a little more than you paid... I'm stoked for it to arrive. If its as good as the DRD I'll be a happy camper.

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