Sold Beautiful vintage Tokai ST-60 Strat


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1984 Tokai ST-60, all original with the exception of a pro refret with 6105 wire. I imported this guitar from Japan 5 years ago and right away had it refretted to improve playability. The Tokai Strats from this era really have something going on.. to me the guitar feels like a 1964-65 era Strat, especially the shape of the neck in your hand.

Interestingly, this guitar has a 9.5" radius, and coupled with the larger frets makes for a very versatile and easy playing guitar.

This guitar was built during the Goldstar Sound era, but interestingly the decal reads "Super Edition". I've seen several others from Japan with this logo, but I'm not sure the significance.

Tokai labeled this finish as "OW" but to me it most closely resembles Desert Sand.

Tokai was way ahead of it's time with many great vintage-correct details on these guitars such as silver painted steel blocks:

Bent steel saddles that read "Final Prospec"

L serial number neck plate:

Real nylon pickup covers:

Paper thin round laminated fingerboard, just like Fender in the mid 60s:

Vintage type decal on top of the finish:

This guitar has the E stamp pickups, which sound great. All electronics are original and completely untouched:

Perfect vintage feeling neck, C shaped with .82" depth at the first fret and .92" at the 12th fret:

Here's the ST-60 sticker:

Guitar weighs 7lbs 12oz, it's set-up perfectly with 9s, ships in its gig bag. Beautiful Japanese masterpiece Strat, ships anywhere in the US.. SOLD SOLD
Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks!
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