bedroom guitarist dream rig


A huge collection of pedals, a Eventide H8000FW, a Surround reverb, a subwoofer, and five 1½ watt Tiny tones tube amps.....

....Five Heil pr 30's and one EV20 (for the Sub) into channel 1-6 of a RME micstay. Channel 7 being a vocal chain, and Channel 8 being the Acustic.....

All placed perfectly around the bed for the perfect surround experience.....

it might be a little OTT.......


Standard pedalboard with the usual overdrive, delay, etc. + lot's of freaky noise pedals like feedback loops, ringmods, strange fuzzes, lastgasp pedals, death by audio pedals. Then an ethos pedal -> apogee duet audiointerface -> apple macbook with ableton live for looping and recording. Some kind of a midi footcontroller to control ableton. A nice soundsystem that sounds good at low volume (so probably no tube amp).


I have a few different rigs at home. I enjoy my 11R and recording setup. In the living room I keep my Matchless and pedal board for band practice.


I like my little room setup. Its nothing crazy awesome, but it does the trick!

Epi Valve Jr. into an Avatar 1x10 closed back
Hagstrom Viking into delay, reverb, overdrive


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Carr Mercury would be cool. Reeves amp with power scaling would also be cool. But I have a Zvex Nano and I love it. Takes pedals pretty well too. Not much clean head room tho, obviously. But I'd definitely love to make my whole condo sound proof. That would be sick.


Some Line6 Pods, maybe a digitech eleven, a couple of Macs running Logic, a pair of Boss L1s.


I've honestly recently created mine. I live in a townhouse in Santa Monica this has been a quest since I moved here 10 years ago. Houses are so close together here that it's not even your neighbor that you have to worry about. I can hear the TV of almost everyone in my complex.

That being said, I have tried just about everything. I basically settled on Modelling gear, which does an adequate job of giving me inspiring tones at any level. I've tried attenuating my THD Flexi, but at that level it loses all its mojo.

Then, I lucked into an Ethos TLE from the emporium. I haven't turned on my Line 6 gear in a couple months. I know there's been a lot of hype over this pedal here, but it's absolutely stunning.

I have have it near the end of my pedal chain before some delay and reverb (RC booster, wah, TS-808, ethos, delay, reverb) and into a Crate powerblock. I can't stress enough how fantastic this sounds. I find myself switching back and forth between activating the ethos clean and bypassing it just to take in what this pedal does. When bypassed, the clean tone of the PB is just blah... nothing special. Activate the Ethos and the chime and harmonics just leap out. I know I sound like an ad, but it really is that good. It only gets better with the gain options.

Because the ethos is designed to work like a typical amp's front end, all my pedals sound great and having the delay and reverb after the "amp" (pedal) provides basically the same effect as a quality effects loop or wet rig.

Anywho... Ethos TLE into pretty much any clean amp or even direct is my perfect bedroom rig.

Thanks for listening :)


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