been looking everywhere: is there a Les Paul with a slim taper neck?


I totally love the slim neck on my '90 ES-335, and the neck on my VOS 61 SG as well. Is there a Gibson Les Paul model that will suit me? I have a magnificent R4 Les Paul Custom, and I don't need to tell you the difference is night and day...


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The R0 (60 reissue) esp the plain top Guitar Center versions I have seen have all had slim necks-really noticeable compared to my R6 and R8.


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You want a ""60's slim-tapered neck" shape. They are available on the R0 as mentioned, as well as other non-historic USA models. I have one on my Custom Shop Classic. It's my favorite neck shape ever. Perfect fit for my hands. Very similar to a '61 RI SG. Gibson sells "cheaper" models with this neck option, on certain Studios and the Traditional PRO at GC.


I had a custom built by Agile's Korean prototyping shop (the Agile "custom shop" is open about once every 3-4 months) with their slim and wide neck options. The slim part is very slim, tapering from about 17mm at the 1st fret to 20.5mm deep at the 12th fret. The wide option adds about 1/8th" at the nut, essentially reducing the tapering to nearly a standard width at the 12th fret. That, plus a 16" radius (rather than the standard LP 10-12") made for a guitar that's *really* fast to play.

I also had them build the guitar using neck-through construction, which allowed a very deep neck scarf (essentially no neck heel). And the guitar was built with a recessed Floyd -- you see why this LP is a bit different from the usual <G>. With triple binding on the body and neck, and single binding on the ebony (abalone inlay) fretboard, this guitar was just $1160, shipped.

That said, you might just consider buying a production Gibson (if you'd rather have that headstock) and having a good guitar builder shave the neck for you and then refinish it. Gibson's generally hit and miss on its customer service and on honoring its warranty anyway, so you can probably ignore the warranty business once you know the rest of the guitar's in good shape.


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Les Paul Classics, at least the ones from the early 90s. I had one but grew out of the skinny neck...

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Or you can take any LP to a good luthier and have them shave the neck to just about whatever specs you like.

Just don't go too small and shave through to the truss route.


My LP Traditional Pro has a great 60's neck.
Agreed! I looked high and low for a Les Paul with a thinner neck that I could tolerate. I was mainly a strat guy only because I couldn't find a Les Paul with a thin and playable neck. All my strats are gone now that I found "the one". The GIbson Les Paul Traditional Pro (GC, MF and Music 123 only). It plays like a dream! Head and shoulders easier to play (for me) than any other LP with the 50's rounded neck. Here's a pic!


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