Sold Behringer FCB1010 + Gordius LG-FCB upgrade kit - MIDI Foot Controller (price drop)


I am selling a like new Behringer FCB1010 that has been upgraded with the Gordius LG-FCB kit. More information including the hardware manual, Gordius ControlCenter software and manual download, are available here -

Basically the LG-FCB kit upgrades the FCB1010 with new firmware, and a USB MIDI port. In addition to the USB MID port, it replaces the MIDI In connection with a 7-pin connection that supports MIDI In, MIDI Out, and phantom power. This upgrade also included the Expression Pedal Input Board, which allows you to add two more expression pedals in addition to the ones already on the FCB1010.

I had this kit professionally installed by the best guitar tech and electronics guy in my area. Hasn't left my home studio since. Still has the plastic on the display and pedals.

The LG-FCB firmware combined with the ControlCenter software give the FCB1010 all the same flexibility and programmability as the Gordius Little Giant. Just run a USB cable between this board and your PC and start configuring. Removes the configuration limitations of the FCB1010 and the impossible programming tap dance. Can control external MIDI devices and software devices on your PC as well.

If you're not familiar with the capabilities of the Gordius Little Giant, you can read about that here - But to be clear, this is not a Little Giant. It's an FCB1010 with the brains of the Little Giant.

My costs were $150 for the FCB1010, + $329 for the LG-FCB, + installation.

Selling it for $SOLD (paypal), shipped. It's a bargain for this great MIDI foot controller.

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