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Behringer Overdrive - Best Ever

topo morto

Generally a drive sounds OK if a) it's the right basic kind of drive for your application and b) you know how to use it. Very few pedals can't sound decent, as long as you know what you're doing.


Moderation is key
Staff member
.....I actually like mine for one tone I've found. I changed out the tube that came with it to a cheap EHX 12ax7 and with the gain at about 10:00 and the tone rolled back a little I can get some good OD/fuzzy tones with the volume on a single-coil guitar. The original tube was pretty rough sounding. Best $20 pedal on the planet. :)


Gold Supporting Member
I have a Behringer delay that actually sounds great - I believe its basically a Line 6 Echo Park clone - but I never use as it simply looks SO fragile.


I have a mint condition Boss Dimension C that will never leave my house. For ****s and giggles I ordered the Behringer Space C to A/B them. Soooooo close and with the option to combine presets, which u cant do on the Boss. If I ever want to gig my DC2, I'll take the $30 option instead.

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