Benny & The Jets

Hello ~ I was listening to the song Benny & The Jets the other day and wondered how difficult it would be to craft a "live" song in the studio. My group has several live recordings of our music, but they lack a certain audio dynamic for one reason or another. Are there any tricks or tips the group could share?


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1,478 live recording is generally not that difficult as long as studio live results are acceptable....great songs and playing with the added dynamic and synergy of a live performance have been knpwn to compensate for less than stellar audio production.....


well, you could do a totally live performance in a studio and it can still sound like a studio. I'd start by practicing a lot to get a great performance from everyone, set the band up in one room, close mic as usual and add some room mics. Even at that, it can still sound like a studio production. So i'm thinking you'll need to import some crowd sounds and choose some verbs or delays to simulate a big building. But instead of individually placing verbs, i'd put it on the entire mix. An auditorium doesn't separate the drums from a guitar.


If you do use gobos to isolate instruments and mic's make sure to maintain sight lines between the players.

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