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Best Affordable Shimmer Reverb?

Greetings fellow musicians! I own a TC Hall of Fame Reverb and I have downloaded this certain TonePrint that gets me real close to a shimmer. Real close, but not the real thing. I really like the sound of the shimmer; it adds that certain sweet flavour to my already tasty tone. I wonder if there is an affordable reverb out there that can do shimmer really well. I know the BlueSky does it, but I'm not ready to pay that much as of now. Also to mention, I'm looking to get one that is standard-sized (I am a little OCD to pedal sizes). What do you think is the best affordable shimmer reverb?
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CD-R is what I'm using for shimmer. I use it with either mod reverb or underlying ice delay for nice splices that really adds depth.

Others would be RV-6, MXR Reverb Epic mode I believe, Hardwire Supernatural, Digitech Polara, Verbzilla (make sure it's the newer dock).


Mr Black Eterna is probably the cheapest good one. Or the Boss RV6, which is probably easier to find used.

The Shimmer on the CDR is pretty bad but you can use other effects with it to smear it a little which can work. The shimmer on the Behringer RV600 is reasonable, but if you use a lot of it, I'd stump up for the Mr Black.

There's the Zcat one too - those go cheap on ebay sometimes.


Hexaphonic pickup, 6 analogue octave generators and 6 realistic analogue reverbs in a blend loop.

It's the only way.

(I joke, of course)

Mooer Shimverb and Shimverb Pro spring to mind.
The Mooer Shimverb has an interval of a 5th for its shimmer that really doesn't work well. And a massive volume drop. I shifted mine quickly.

The pro may be better, but I've not tried so won't comment.

RV-6 is a good shout.
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Benny Jones

As much as I love the Polara, the halo setting isn't as extreme as other units, depends how prominent you want the effect to be


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The Mooer Shimverb is, sadly, not good.
I don't think the Zoom Shimmer is as bad as some folks say, but it's not great. (Although there is a ton of other great stuff in there... including PARTICLE VERB :dude)
The Shimmer on the RV-6 and the MXR M-300 (i.e the "Pad" algo) are better but still not outstanding.
Although it's pushing the edge of "affordable" The Neunaber Slate pedals or the Neunaber Immerse have the best Shimmer out there (better, I think, than the Big Sky, IMO) and they are standard sized as well.
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Save up the dough and find a used Stereo Wet V1. You can find em for $160ish if you look. THE BEST shimmer I've found...and I've tried Blue Sky, Space, Eterna, etc.


Lovepedal HSR-3 shimmer sounds really good. What I love about the HSR-3 is you also have a killer hall and modulated reverb mode, and a predelay KNOB that adds so much to the pedal. In shimmer mode you can use the tone knob to make the shimmer more subtle. If you can catch it during a SNS sale or if some me has a good deal on reverb you should be able to pick one up for around $100


What type of shimmer you like will depend on each pedal and how it sounds. The Love pedal above in the vid sounds good, as does the Mr. Black Eterna, but the best sounding shimmer I have liked is, as mentioned, the Neunaber.
Do not skimp on a shimmer pedal. You basically get what you pay for most of the time. Better to spend a bit more, if you prefer a specific pedal's effect, then to settle for less. When you spend less most of the time you lose interest in the sound of the pedal more quickly and then you have wasted what little you did spend on that pedal.

Check out each offered type read about in this post, and listen closely to them. The more you listen, you will soon hear the differences that a really good shimmer has over a lessor sounding type.

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