Best amp for American and British tone for around $1000


Any suggestions?

I've been looking at getting a new amp and i really want something versatile tone-wise. I really like the look and sound of the Badcat Judah, but i'm wondering if there's some hidden gem out there that i haven't discovered and might like more.

I play P&W, blues, classic rock, and dabble in country stuff as well.

Doesn't need to be super gainy- just want something i can get a good base tone out of (clean or edge of breakup) and push with my pedals.

Once again, trying to stay around $1000 (no real preference on combo vs head/cab


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I really liked my Mesa TA-15 when I had it. The Tweed channel and the 2 Voxy channels were very nice.

It's bigger brother has an effects loop too if that is important.

Guitar Center was blowing them out stupidly cheap recently.

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