Best amp solution for small church?

Possible to get great tone at a low volume?

  • Yes, you can

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  • No, only pushed tubes for me!

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This really has been asked by a bunch whether for small venues or for worship, where the latter more and more churches are going to silent stages (IEMs and direct), so there really are a number of good solutions.

1. Any good amp (yes I prefer tube) with a good master vol. Set far back (or back stage) and mic'd you get good tone. I use a small Boogie, but no shortage of superb MV tube amps out there. Also serves as a guitar monitor which can be a benefit to the rest of the band or worship team
2. Attenuator was an often-used go to in the day ...not as popular now at least that I've noticed.
3. Any good amp (as above) and run a load box/DI between the amp and speaker. Lots of Radial options here...Radial is very good at this.
4. Any of a number of CabSim units, as the Iridium will readily fill that bill.
5. A plethora of quality dirt pedals out there can get you superb tone and dynamics at low vol. FWIW, I use a Zvex DouleRock (which is two Distortrons) ...stellar no-excuse rock tone from light hair around the edges to saturated rock.
6. Mix-n-match: use your normal pedalboard and use a DI/Sim at the end. I have come to now use a Radial Direct Drive and keep the Boogies home simply because it's less to lug and the tone is solid.
7. The myriad modelers will absolutely get you there. This is the most coin and can be too complex or inconvenient for some players, but no arguing that they have come a very long way to bringing great sound and versatility to players these days.



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Old thread but FWIW, just my humble opinion, no church player but lots of small places instead
Two options:
Tube Amp: Fender Princeton reverb
SS Amp: Vox Pathfinder 15 (I modded and put a Celestion10" Greenback) and I really love this amp

Effects, two options too
Small number of effects: Pedalboard: Comp + OD + Chorus + Delay
Large number of effects: Zoom G3n or even smaller like already said @soundchaser59: Zoom multistomp MS50g

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