Best Backup Head?


I have a few questions for TGP gurus.

Currently using a Traynor Bassmaster 45w head into a 140w Marshall 4x10 (1965B) Cabinet.

I'm looking to get something that I can carry in my "gig survival kit" case to gigs in case my Traynor ever runs into trouble (though it probably won't).

This amp needs decent clean headroom, needs to take pedals well, and needs to be small. It can be SS or Valve.

So far, I have thought of the following:

  1. Traynor Iron Horse (40w) spendy, but great sounding and effective
  2. Crate PowerBlock - QUESTION - can I run this mono @ 8 ohms?
  3. ZT Lunchbox - QUESTION - this is a 200 watt SS amp. Can I hurt the speakers in my 140watt cab? I would imagine so, which would put this amp outta the running.
Last Question: I currently have a small Tech 21 TM60 (60 watts SS). Will this be loud enough to keep up with a decent hitting drummer and still take my pedals? I haven't had an opportunity to crank it up yet, so I'm wondering what you guys think.

Whew - thanks for your responses.

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