Best Celestions for a Matchless 2x12

I have a chance to get an unloaded Matchless cab. Which 2 12 inch speakers would you recommend for use with a HC30, CLubman, and Sommatone Roaring 40 head?



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The gold sounds great if you are going to run enough volume to bring out the bass. They are very efficient which equals lots of volume right out of the gate. If you plan on trying to get modern gain tones out of it then the badcat v30's are pretty hard to beat.
Greenbacks are quiet (compared to golds/v30's) and smooth. Every badcat I have owned (just about all of them) has sounded best to me through greenback loaded cabs. I wouldn't go with a single gb in a 112 because of the power rating but definitely in a 212. I had a custom lynx 212 combo loaded with them that was the best sounding badcat I ever played.
I ran one of my hotcat heads though an older matchless 412 loaded with h30's and it sounded much better than the v30 loaded Mesa cab I had at the same time.
My dc30 has a greenback and h30 mix and it sounds amazing!

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