Best Clean American Boutique Amp - Z-Lux Vs Goldfinger 54?

I'm looking to finally man up and get myself a high end, American Voiced combo.

Looking for something with flexible wattage or that can sound good in multiple volume scenarios. The Goldfinger 54 looks great as I could do very small stages/performances at 9w or 22w or outdoor festival stages with it running at full 66w and possibly an extension cab.

Must be a 1x12. Can stay relatively clean over a heavy handed drummer. Takes pedals well. Can get dirty in the studio if needed.

Pretty much narrowed down to these 2 (Z-Lux and Goldfinger 54) but would consider Carr or something else like that!

What's your favorite??
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Hmm maybe a little too modern on the gain channel on the Archon. Dunno if I'd ever use that much gain.

I Will have to check out the clean channel though as I find it hard to find great gain and cleans in one amp!


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Z Lux all day. Even my clean tone is dirty, but if if I had to play clean, it wouldn't even be a question. The last 5 or 6 amps Doc has put out have been nothing short of phenomenal.


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I own a Duende and I was in NYC a few years ago ..probably 7 or 8 ..and played one it was ok . Vey similar to the Duende try the Tone King Imperial I wish I had not sold that amp .

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