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Best Combo Bruno or d13 or...etc. for gigging

Sam Cannon

What is the best new combo between the Bruno cowtipper and the Divided by 13 13/29 for gigging. I know they are different but I need a simple operating amp with decent headroom that take pedals well, the Bruno ct and d13 are just two I've narrowed it down to.



Silver Supporting Member
I play blues rock, southern rock and roots/folk rock... all with my EDT 13/29. I played a set the other night that included covers of Ryan Adams, John Mayer, Tom Petty, Black Crowes, Kings Of Leon, etc. With a few minor EQ tweaks and a touch of reverb (depending on the song), the amp killed on every song! I played rhythm and lead with a Tele and LP Junior, used my Timmy for low-gain grit, and used the Beano boost side of my Sunlion for solos.

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