Best compressor pedals to be used for lead guitar?


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Effectrode PC 2A. Spendy, hard to find, but none of the many others I've tried have been as good. Especially for lead playing.


My advice is to try an Xotic SP Compressor. Killer little compressor found on a ton of pro boards because it's small, cheap, easy to use, and it sounds great! You can probably find a used one for around $100.00. Don't go spending a lot of money on the latest compressor of the week when there are plenty of other cheaper options. The basic 2 knob Keeley Comp is also an excellent choice to add some extra sustain to your solos.
Tried a bunch, high end, low end, tube, etc. My favorite is still the good old Ibanez CP9 from the 80's. My only "always on" pedal. All knobs at noon and your sound just gets better and the sustain and clarity is sweet. Not too much "squish" and still retains dynamics, on that setting at least. I guess it's more of an overall sonic sweetener than a compressor the way I use it.

To address the topic more specifically, on leads, everything just jumps out more and can sing for days without sounding generic or too "pedal-like", if that makes sense.

Can also be used as a boost, which is the only time I may turn it off, with a fuzz face during rythm parts, then punch it for a stout lead sound that cuts.
Empress. I was originally looking for a compressor for a specific lead guitar tone, but I have the Empress on most of the time now.

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