best computer interface/controller using SM57 and a pre ???


I use a LP directly in a plexi, I use a SM57 (but Im also considering a ribbon lately) and a Studio Projects VTB1 as pre, can someone recommend me best interface/controller to plug my rig in my computer ?? I dig hard rock tones from old great ones (hopefully ;-) ) to modern even fatter ones

thanks a lot for any suggestions


When things get more to the recording side this is a great site to check out:

If you have a MAC you might check into an Apogee One or Duet. If you have a PC perhaps an M-Audio USB device like a Fast Track Ultra, or maybe a Pro Tools M-box. Personally I have a pro setup using API mic pres, an RME Firewire interface, and an outboard Apogee Rosetta AD/DA converter. I run UAD powered plugins and those work great for guitars and most anything. That said I also have a M-Audio Fast Track Ultra for portable use with a Netbook running Sonar and that sounds quite nice for the size and cost.

Depending on how serious you go a computer "interface" can run from less than $100 to much much more when you get into pro grade interfaces running separate AD - DA converters.

I'm not sure what you mean by "controller" but I use a Tranzport for wireless control of the software. The wireless aspect really helps when you are tracking by oneself. That said, they have recently been discontinued. The rest of the software "control" I simply deal with by using a track ball. For mixdown I really don't need an elaborate controller setup, because if things get complicated during a mix down I'm going to automate it anyway.

I hope that helps!


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I bought an Aardvark a while ago since it has 8 inputs and 10 outputs. The company went out of business soon after but I've been fortunate that it has not crapped out. It was $800 I think. No need to spend nearly that much any more. Like many things there are numerous choices but deciding the connection type (e.g. USB, firewire) and the type (1/4" / XLR, etc) and number of max inputs will help you narrow it down.

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