Best crafted guitar you ever had?


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Best crafted...PRS. But a battered, old, stock '64 Strat moved them all out :eek:.
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Collings City Limits deluxe or a Bourgeois acoustic. Similarly excellent


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Loving this guitar,,, I had rough start with the neck, But love it now. Scott is so cool on top of it too.
I have one very similar and I adore it.

For me, so far, the Thorns and Lentz guitars I have had are tops. Collings PRS and Hamer are pretty close to that as well. I'm having a Stevens built and he may well vault to the top.


my PRS custom 24 felt like an expensive guitar.

somewhat ironically, it's one of the less expensive guitars I've bought.

from a non-haptic perspective it's my Gibson CC15.


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I have a very rare 20th Anniversary Ibanez J-Custom 7 string that is truly amazing in every way. I've had many J's over the years but none of them are like this one.


I have great respect for many (past or current) Hamer and PRS guitars. But, IMO, it is hard to find better than a guitar from Frank Hartung or Nik Huber.


My PRS Mira Korina is better made than all my other guitars by some distance.

Funnily enough, I'd put my Gretsch 5120 Electromatic second.
I love my 5120. I have a 6120 also. The pickups on the 6120 are better, but the playability of the 5120 is great, even if the sound isn't quite as crisp.


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I've never had any truly high-end boutique guitars, but an all-rosewood Music Man Axis Super Sport was definitely one of the most comfortable and best put-together guitars I've ever owned.

Never truly bonded with it though.

I've got a handful of '80s G&Ls which are nearly as well-put together.

And a late-'70s Aria Pro II Les Paul copy which is such an unbelievable sleeper.



Aside from the typical nut work, this guitar came finished just about perfect from the factory. It's seen a lot of wear and tear and mods by now, but factory construction issues? None. It's an '05 SG Standard, FYI.;)
I assume this post is for mass produced/well known guitar brands, but both of the best crafted instruments I have were built by a local luthier whom I've been friends with since way back in high school up here in Maine. Seger Guitars, some of the best instruments out there period.

The bass was made sometime in 2003(?) and plays like butter and just feels like it's the last bass you'd ever need to buy.

The lap steel was made three years ago, and while it's hard to compare to a standard guitar with a carved neck and fretboard, it's construction, fit and finish and detail work make it beyond reproach. I know the builder and how much respect he has for the craft and the desire to make only the best quality instruments, and it obviously translates to the finished product, and you'd notice even if you didn't know him personally.

I've owned my share of quality guitars over the years, but I've really been impressed as of late with the craftsmanship of Ernie Ball Music Man. I guess I'm what you'd call a fan boy now haha.
Its obvious that they pay a "lot" of attention to their necks, as the feel and fret work is just amazing.

My favorites so far are my Majesty and Luke III. The guitars are of equal build quality so these are the "two" best crafted guitars I've ever owned/played. I talk about the necks a lot but to me this is what sets them apart from the other brands/guitars I've owned.

The polished ebony fretboard on the Majesty is just beautiful in combination with the mirror like shine of the stainless steel frets. The shield shaped mirror inlays is a cool finishing touch. The fret leveling on both guitars is absolutely perfect.

I absolutely love the baked hard rock maple neck with heavy Birdseye figuring on the Luke. It's finished off with gun oil and wax and is silky smooth to the touch. These guitars don't just look great in the details, they play great. I really think I'll stick with this brand as their quality is so consistent, and when I hold them in my hands and play them I have no regrets about the cost like other brands I've purchased. I like this company.

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