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Best DIY Pedal Build Sites


I'm looking to buy a new pedal build kit and so far I've only dealt with BYOC.com. I've seen a few other sites just through search engines but there have been other DIY pedal build sites I've never seen or heard of.

What are your favorite DIY pedal build companies?


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mammothelectronics.com is one of my favorites. Their site is certainly among the easiest to navigate.
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Just my opinion, but these are what I would rank as best in show:

Projects (not kits):
No one out there carries more projects than Brian, and they are a mix of original and classics on really great layouts. If you go to the forum, he also hosts multiple other vendors who carry a lot of great projects (with almost no overlap), such as 1776, JMK, TH Custom, and Lectric-Fx.

Somewhere between projects and information: AMZ. Lots of beginner information, clearly explained information, and several projects. Plus Jack's MOSFET booster and Mu Amp are two of the most useful pieces of discrete component circuitry and appear in everything, so everyone should build them at some point. :)

Information: Geofex. A lot of it might go over your head in the beginning, but you might as well book mark it now, because somewhere on that site there is an article that describes exactly what you will want to do in any given situation or discusses the circuit you're messing around with. I'm not entirely exaggerating. There are articles and schematics that I don't think even have a link directly on the site, even though you could spend years digesting what's posted just on the front page.

For forums: I consider Madbean my "home," but DIYStompboxes is my "home away from home." I tend to listen at DIYSB more than I talk, but there's a lot of little innovations posted along with new projects and tons of general circuit info.


+1 on Madbean - the best.

I've got a few available too at Aion Electronics. Limited for now in diversity of circuits, but most of the classics are represented. (Just PCBs on this one as well, not full kits.)

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