Best drum library software?


I'm about to jump head first into the realm of PC-based recording. The only thing that I have not decided on is which piece of software to get for drums. I don't have real drums, though I will be getting some, so I need a good piece of drum software. I know that there are some that have samples of famous drummers. Drum Core comes to mind. Are there any others out there?


Thanks a lot Splatt!

I really appreciate it. I have not even heard of that one, only Drum Core and Groove Agent. The website is impressive, especially the audio demos. Seems like a very well thought out piece of software.

Is this something that will be easy to use or is it for a more advanced midi user?

The only midi I've ever used was an old ART pedalboard used to change the presets on my ADA MP-1 preamp! Yuk!

Again, thanks for the info. :)


Drum Kit From Hell...

nothing even touches the amount of samples. something like 3 GB.

course, there's also Reason for a more dance / electronica oriented sounds.

Souled Out

do a google search on "Drums on Demand" and check out their website. I like the tone and feel of their package. Top notch loops with great tone. I saw they just released a bass on demand CD and whole CD of cowbells, tambrines, etc.etc. to change the feel of the loops. When I finally get my studio up I will getting the new ones as well as checking out some of the other software in this thread. I don't think you can have enough good drum software. C

Here ya go


Originally posted by jokerjkny
holy freakin'...

Yeah, sample collections are huge!

The new Drumkit From Hell Superior is 35GB...and there's a Vintage/Classic set that can be used standalone or with DFH that's another 35GB. 70 Gigs of drum samples!!



Thanks a lot for the info guys. I'll be trying to get to a place where I can test some out.

I'll kee pyou posted. :)


Originally posted by splatt
a wee bit more on BFD, fwiw.....

dt / spltrcl

Thanks dt....Maybe You can help me with this..

I recently got BFD, using it thru Cubase SX3....I don't have a midi keyboard controller connected yet (have to order a Midi cable thru the mail), so it's just the mouse and computer keyboard right now.
Going to Groove Librarian, with repeat function, I agree that the drums sounds are amazingly real!

Unfortunately, though, I can't record them :( .

I can pull up the BFD Stereo track in the project window, see the monitor bars jumping with the beat in the BFD track AND in the Cubase Output track, and have routed the BFD track to a Midi track input, etc etc following the instructions that are available in the Cubase and BFD manuals....but it won't record.

Do I need the Midi keyboard controller even to work with the pre-recorded loops in Grove Librarian? It's odd that I can hear it and see it in the VST track in the project window, but not record it.

I've got some emails pending to their support, etc but no luck/answers so far.

What am I doing wrong? I want to lay down some slammin' grooves as a background for my laughable Jeff Beck imitations! Thanks!


Yeah Splatt, thanks again for the additional info. I'm just looking for something that sounds real. BFD sounds incredible!



Originally posted by joseph
Thanks Dave!

I will SOLVE this problem.....

Well, actually I didn't, but I DID find a post which did help a lot on the FXpansion board, here it is -
" I just want to let anyone know who may decide to use the same method I
do to make MIDI drum maps how to fix this issue in Cubase SX 3.

I make my drum maps by using the groove librarian in BFD. I make a
MIDI track and set the input to the BFD VST and then play manually the Banks
and fills in the order I want to make the MIDI map in real time with the
song. My issue with this was that after the map is recorded, at some point
in the song the beat would begin to hiccup and drop out on playback, with
some drums not playing at all anymore and hits being ignored all together. I
confirmed this with more than one MIDI map and with multiple VST intruments
I was able to confirm that the issue wasn't BFD directly but in the MIDI map

It appears the issue is related to making a MIDI map with BFD. BFD's
groove librarian must add a controller or double hit or something that
Cubase misinterprets or can't handle correctly. Fortunately the fix isn't
difficult. All you have to do after making the MIDI groove is right click it
to pull up the menu and perform a few of the functions. I used the thin out
controller, remove double hits, and remove overlapping (mono). These names
aren't exact, the recording rig is already shut down and I am on my other
system so I can't check the exact names, but they are easy to discern. Once
I did that the MIDI line plays BFD perfectly now with no hiccups!

This has been a 3 day fight that probably could have been easily
avoided if I had known my way around Cubase better. Us newbies have to learn
the hard way sometimes . Since no one seemed to know what to do I thought I
would post the fix for other BFD'rs who work this way. Thanks again to those
who tried to help!"

If you're a newbie at this, not a programmer or software maven,
BE PREPARED to spend Quite a Few Long evenings getting computer recording/sequencing/MIDI up and running !!!:eek:

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