Best Drum Mic Package NEED INFO PLEASE!!

Discussion in 'Recording/Live Sound' started by UntilTomorrow, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Could someone please point our band in the right direction. Yesterday we bought a audix fusion 6 drum mic pack. (WE CAN RETURN THESE MICS) We also picked up a Sure sm57 for recording the guitars, and a AKG d16 bass drum mic (supposed to be industry standard) We spent about over 500.00 for all of those mics. (guitar center) Does anyone know of a better drum mic pack that would cost about the same as what we spent but sound significitly better than the AUDIX'S. We are trying to get the best quality sound for the money and i know someone on the gear page has prolly worked with these mics and other mics for recording drums. Our band plays hard rock. We want the drums to sound awsome (drummer uses double bass and we want to capture the best bass drum sound) We also need to know the best mic for the money for recording distorted and clean guitars. We spent 89 for the sm57 any help would be awsome. We are just starting out and do not want to buy junk, instead start off with what is the best for the money and save the time and hassle/headach. Thanks for your help, dave. We also bought a Mxl 2001 condesor for vocals. We just bought all of these mics yesterday so if we want we can return them for something different/better. PLEASE HELP US OUT! Our band's music is on thats an idea of what our band sounds like. Not sure if what kind of music you play matters with mics, like I said new to recording!
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    Engineering Skills are Big craft, almost ART:
    Engineer more important than Equipment.
    Audix Mics are fine quality; not "BEST", but can do good job.
    advice from me:
    GET GOOD ENGINEER, or LEARN Yourselfs.
  3. I bought a korg 16 mk11 digital recorder. Im going to be doing the recording myself, thats why i want to know if i wasted my money on mics or i bought good ones. AN opinion would be greatly appriated. I just bought the mics and guitar center has a 30 day money back if not satified. (im friends with the guy that sold me the stuff) So i just want to know if i could get better mics for the money i spent. THanks for any help.
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    Is Very Good MICS, Audix!
    You check MIC Pre Amps, Signal Level, MIC PLAcements, EQ et Compression, et ceteras?
    EXperimenting with All is OK!
    Reading Engineering Books is OK.
    Listen to CDs is okay, for to Compare.
    You Can Do with these MICS!
    I Listen to Your Web-Music; can be Very Good!
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    I really like the Sennheiser e604 mics for the toms. A three-pack of those goes for around $300.

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