Best EQ pedal for Excelsior Pro amp/best EQ pedal generally?

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  1. ReverbIsMemory

    ReverbIsMemory Member

    May 15, 2015
    Hey, all.

    Yes, I've got a very specific and a very general question here.

    If this helps, through my Excelsior Pro, I play mostly a '52 Hot Rod RI Tele, the one w/ the SD'59 humbucker in the neck & '50s Vintage sc bridge. Less so, a 335 copy, Gretsch baritone, and Strat copy.

    I love my Excelsior Pro's basic character, and the mid-point on the Dark/Bright switch works well, though I often play in Dark, as I love big, deep notes, and the Tele bridge with the ice-pick blunted with some color.

    I'm interested in an EQ pedal that's pretty simple, sturdy, and delivers/preserves as much note clarity as possible. Golden bells with rusty (OD) edges are my go-to tone. I'm pretty clumsy & impatient with graphical pedals, but would go that route if it's a strong consensus.

    If this helps also, my other grail amp-tones/spectrums are the classic '59 Bassmans and Harvards, and Victoria's great reproductions (esp. the Regal and Ivy League).

    I use a ReverbMate, delay (a friend has it, so I can't remember the name!), and Analogman OD pedal--all them at fairly low and very varied mix levels.

    Finally (thanks for bearing with me!), where do you suggest putting the EQ pedal in the chain, when I'm linking my three effects pedals + Electro-Harmonix's (truly great) HumDebugger?

    I'm particularly interested in recording-worthy tones, as I much prefer mic'ing an amp to playing straight in and adding effects.

  2. cbm

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    Jan 24, 2010
    San Francisco Bay Area
    A—Gold doesn't rust.
    B—The VFE Rocket EQ is really great.
    C—I like EQ at the end of the chain for final control.
  3. DaveKS

    DaveKS Member

    Feb 26, 2013
    Well if running a graphic is to hard for you then sure a parametric would be too.

    You sound like perfect candidate for a Tone Job. Basic, simple and effective, very pure and natural sounding. You can even run it at higher voltages if you want even more purity and headroom.

    As far as where, if you change level and tone going into a OD pedal you'll get a vastly different OD coming out. After, your just fine tuning the tone/level. Which you'll prefer who knows, best to try both ways.

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