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I'm looking to get a fuzz that I'll use mostly as an overdrive. I like how touch and volume knob sensitive fuzzes are and I'll usually use it with the volume knob between 5 and 8 on my guitar and keep it on all the time. Maybe push it up to 10 for lots of sustain on a solo or something. The thing that is really appealing about fuzzes is that I'd be able to go from clean, to slight od, to distortion, to fuzz with just my volume knob. But its far more important that the overdrive-like tones that it produces are good rather than its full on fuzz tones. Also, Ive heard that some fuzzes get lost in the mix easily and I'd definitely like to avoid that. I play a variety of genres from jazz-ish (frisellian jazz) to blues to rock to world-ish sort of things so I'm not going for a particular genre defining sound or anything. I'm currently playing an SG through a twin, but occasionally use my 82 walnut strat or my casino. Amp might be changing to a 72 bassman, but itll still be a very clean amp tone regardless. I like to keep things simple, usually one or two pedals, so whichever fuzz I get will probably be my only pedal and it doesn't matter if it doesnt blend well with other pedals. Price wise, I'd like to stay under $200.
Some ideas I've got so far are:

-Fulltone Catalyst, 69, 70, or Soulbender
-Analogman Sunface
-One of the EQD fuzzes (although nearly every clip Ive heard of EQD dirt pedals sounds terrible but that might just be the clips and not the pedals themselves)
-Dunlop fuzzface (red,blue, or JB)
-JHS Pollinator

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I think you're looking for a germanium fuzzface- I use my London Fuzz as an od all the time, sounds great.

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I just bought a Skreddy Lunar Module on ebay, got it for $210, they are $195 new, but a long wait list, so I am happy with the price. It is my first fuzz, so I can't say much, but the clips sound great and it is (I think even generally Skreddy) know for being OD-like.


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Allow me to flip your premise around 180 and offer the Skinpimp 3OD as a suggestion... Sort of a "best OD for Fuzz" if you will...

Crank it up a bit and you have an OD that likes to flirt with Fuzz tones. It is a germanium based OD, so it will get you where you are looking to go... Check out some of the better youtube vids and see if it could work for you.

It has become one of my favorite pedals...

My 2 cents...




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I would look into the Fulltone Catalyst which can go anywhere from clean boost to full on fuzz. Less raspy than a Germanium, not harsh like a silicon and it's firm and transparent from the lowest of low (show me a different fuzz that is) to the highest of high. Great pedal.


EQD might not be the way to go for OD. The dude that makes those is more into intense, over-the-top kinda sounds for his fuzzes. They are good at what they do, though.

You may want to look into a Skreddy Screwdriver. Lots of sounds in those things.


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+1 Analogman Astrotone

I love mine for OD purposes; cleans up and stacks well and can boost your amp's input in a way that'll leave a mark ;)

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Here's a little loop I did w/ the London Fuzz set up as a fuzzy overdrive- it's on for both the rhythm and solo bits...



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I use a Keeley Fuzz Head exactly as you describe. It doesn't get truly splatty, but drives nicely at full tilt. There's a lot of boost available.

But it cleans up beautifully with the volume knob on all my guitars.

I play it into a '63 Vibroverb Reissue, a '69 Vibrolux and an Orange Tiny Terror. I used to use it with a Deluxe Reverb. All of these amps love that pedal!

It also plays well with other pedals.

It is germanium based, but has a switchable silicon transistor to square off the waves if you ever desire.

It's a great pedal I can't see letting go of!

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