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Best guitar wireless system under $500 today


I have been an advocate and longtime user of the Shure GLXD16 wireless system. It’s always worked reliably and is by far the best wireless I’d used up to that point. Like most, I’d I didn’t play live for nearly 2 years, but will be playing out live soon so I am updating my pedalboard.

Is the GLXD16 still the best out there in its price range, or is there something better? My only gripes, if there are any, are the weight of the Shure transmitter and the size of the tuner/receiver (I don’t use the tuner). I seem to be hearing a lot about the Sennheiser XSW unit recently. Opinions?

Seńor Verde

I'm surprised nobody has replied to this. I had a Line6 G50 several years ago I didn't like. Sold it and got the Shure GLXD16. It was bright and grainy sounding. Last year I thought I'd try the G50 again and got one brand new. It sounds great! I've found a couple times it had to be on high power mode, or whatever it's called to avoid dropouts. I don't know if there had been any updates between my first and most recent unit, but I like it.

John Skinner

Just finding this thread, and I'm in the market for a wireless. I have active pickups, and the reviews say that the Line6 G50 is not good for active pickups. I'm leaning towards to the Sure GLXD16, but I don't want it to sound bright and grainy on bass. I would have thought there would be better technology out there by now. Maybe there is no better technology.

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