Best guitar you got for under $750 (new or used)?

This Player series telecaster,has exceeded my expectations.Just recently purchased for less than $700 preowned.
TGP: My 1959 Les Paul I bought in 1965

Me: I have a Squier bullet mustang I paid $120 that was setup better than many luthiers will do for $120. I use it for travel, and it’s 100% a functional thing for me because I am actually not a fan of how mustangs look.

Also the Fender CP60 parlor acoustic I also bought for bringing on airplanes is nicer than it has any business being.

I usually bring one or the other- never both.
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Bought this in 2004 for under $400 bucks. Upgraded the tuners and wrapped the control cavity in grounding tape. I absolutely love how this guitar feels and sounds, I even use the gig bag to transport my core PRS because it is so solid. Could not be happier for the coin.
All of mine!
(Note: always bought cheaper; never had much $$, yet I wanted to get a bunch of Classic fave guitars)
So this is what I have, use all on gigs:

1997 Tex-Mex Stratocaster ( partscaster now) $369 new

1997 Danelectro- $239

2018 Epi SG Pro - $300 on CL, + $100 case

2021 Squier Tele Thinline- $419+ gig bag

1993 Martin D-1, orig $700 ( w/case)

2018 Blueridge 000-28 type ( all solid) $650


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The only electrics I ever payed more than $750 I bought to flip. All of my electrics I paid less than $750.

Warmoth Strat- $100
MIA Dean Prototype- $35
83 Squier SQ Strat- $110
1985 Tokai Love Rock - $200
2012 Eastman T185mx - $425
2014 Eastman T386 - $300

I have some others, but these are the better deals for my favorite electrics that I have.

My 1968 Martin D-28 that I paid $450 for 16 years ago at a pawn shop started it all.
The best are my washburn J4, around $450 cndn new, and my Seagull S6, used for $100 and a cheap Epiphone a style Mando. Honorable mention to my Vantage 635V, good guitar but very heavy, around $300 new.


I also once got an EBMM Axis used for $700 cndn, long time ago, but was stupid enough to sell it.

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