Best in class for boost, od, distortion


Putting together a small pedalboard (14” total) and looking for best in class for most versatile boost, od, and distortion for Marshall and fender amps. That means no huge pedals, dual pedals, or scooped pedals that may well with a BF but not as well with Marshall or Vox. I play everything from classic rock to blues to War on Drugs. I’m thinking, along with a tape echo pedal:
1. EP booster
2. Klon clone mini
3. Mooer black secret mini
Help a brother out!


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I'd consider:

Rat variant for distortion (as you have).
Bluesbreaker variant for OD (Prince of Tone, Snouse, Pantheon). Reasonably flexible, little bit of mids but not too much (so won't get honky / nasal with the midrange heavy amps).
Boost is up for taste. I personally find EP Boosters a bit woofy in the low mids; treble boosters are great with Vox but not really a Fender thing. Maybe Keeley Katana, or a Klone in that role? I personally really like my Valeton FP-10 (clone of a Boss FA-1) for that role; nice flexible EQ.


I can't claim my small board represents "Best in Class" but here's what I have going, for what it's worth.

Boost: I use either my EP Booster or the EQD Plumes for boosting. Sometimes both. The EP Booster has a bit of a bass forward tonality but it adds a lot of body and sparkle. I dig it. The Plumes is way more versatile with 3 different clipping modes, one of which is a clean op-amp setting. That setting provides a great clean boost with a boatload of volume and the ability to add gain if you want. I'd by that pedal alone just for the clean boost.

Overdrive: I've landed on the Greer Lightspeed myself. Really nice low/medium gain pedal.

Distortion: Tried a bunch, and there's a lot of great ones out there. Really depends what your looking for but I like the Barber Direct Drive Super Sport. That pedal kicks. I'll also give a nod to the Suhr Eclipse although it's a dual OD.


How’s this (width in inches off to side):

Lovepedal bonetender 1.5

Function fx minitaur 1.5

Mooer black secret 1.75

MXR M293 or JHS Prestige etc 1.5

Belle epoche deluxe 5
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You'd probably be well-served by dirt pedals with a high degree of tweakability and EQ options.

One you really should check out is the Matthews Effects Architect V3. Regular-sized pedal with two footswitches: one for boost (two options to choose from), and the other for Klon-style overdrive with a three-band EQ. You can make it sound great with pretty much anything.

Also, for a Rat-style pedal I'd probably try and find something with better EQ options if you can afford it... top of my list would be Pettyjohn ROUS... if you want to talk about "best in class" you definitely won't find higher quality than Pettyjohn.
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I'm currently enjoying the MXR Sugar Drive for cleaner Klon boosting and low-gain drive duties. Great headroom, super quiet, etc...

For Rat stylings the Blammo! Electronics Shrew is really impressing. The gate function gives it a unique quality that I haven't found in other rodent varieties. It's also very quiet.

Rounding out the rest of my drives du jour are the MXR Timmy and Pigtronix Disnortion Micro. I'm running them in parallel with the Shrew using a EHX Tri-Parallel Mixer for all of my high-gain textures.
I set the Timmy for a brighter, open drive tone and utilize the DM's filter section to create a more low-end focused grind with the Shrew handling the mid-most range of the spectrum. This combination gives me quite a lot versatility in the gain department.
While most folks probably won't have the room for the TPM on their boards, all of these drives sound great, generally stack well and are amazingly quiet.


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1) EP Boost for sure
2) Tumnus no doubt
3) Friedman Smallbox yep so good...


OD1: TS mini
OD2: Mooer Blues Mood (BD-2 clone)
OD3: Sugar Drive (Klon)
Distortion: Mooer Black Secret or a pre-made BYOC Mouse mini.
Boost: TCE Spark mini

I do like the EP Boost too. However, I prefer a super clean boost to just make things louder and not really add or subtract anything from the tone (or, at least keeping it to a minimum).


Thanks for all your help. I decided on the lovepedal bonetender mkii mini, Analogman prince as boost, minitaur Klon mini, and now I’m down to the best tape delay I can fit. Maybe a belle epoch deluxe or wampler faux tape v2

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