best lace sensor mix for chime & quack in the 2 & 4 positions?


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What are the best choices for lace sensors for that chimey, quacky stratty sound in the 2 & 4 positions?

And don't say "something other than lace sensors" :) I know that laces aren't the best choice for that traditional strat sound, so they'll never give me as much chime as a regular strat set, but right now I have a set of silvers in my strat and a couple gold laces on the way to me.

The silvers sound great in the neck and bridge, and even the middle pickup by itself sounds great.

The strat in question has a full 250K setup (volume and both tone pots), I'm not really getting any of that chimey, quacky sound in the 2 & 4 positions. Would a 500K pot make that a little better? Or should I pop a gold lace in the middle position?


My experience is to use all Gold Lace Sensors AND 500k pots. Then set the height adjustments for each pickup very close to the same and micro adjust from there. For me, that would maximize position 2/4 quack tones.

The only disclaimer is that my idea of best might not exactly equal your idea of best. Also Gold Lace Sensors really do need to be height adjusted close to the strings in order to sound their best. So I would start with the neck pickup adjusted as close to the strings as possible and then set the middle and bridge pickups very close to that same height. From that point just tweak to your liking.

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Smark had it correct. Nothing to add from me.

Except that the Lace sensors get set so high it takes awhile to get used to not bumping into the middel PUP with your pick.


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My experience is too-high neck gold sensors are too smooth and mushy. [I run the bridge right up there though.] I swapped in a Rio Grande Tallboy at the neck for some tone there.

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