Best "Marshall In A Box" Pedals


Oops....forgot the Barber DD
YES ,great pedal and apart from my ts808 hw, my favourite pedal to boost a cooking Marshall.
Does stand alone od pretty good as well.


I had an OCD ver. 3, I think. Didn't sound anything like a Marshall, imho. Had a Marshall Guv'nor II and, for the money, it nailed Marshall tones. Tried a Lovepedal Superlead pedal and it was just a tad more to my liking than the Guv'nor. Sold it, hung on to the Guv'nor for reasons too boring to detail here, then bought another LP SL pedal used and it's my "Any Era Marshall" pedal now.

I had a Tech 21 Trademark 30... twice, actually... and I thought that, too, nailed the Marshall tones.

Quite happy with my LP SL into my Marshall 1w.

snow and steel

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I would think you'd hear a lot in the Wampler line; the Pinnacle, the plextortion, the plexi drive and the Sovereign.

The Crunch box will get a lot of nods as well.

Kenny Blue

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I like the sounds of some of the pedals mentioned in the thread. I've had a few MIAB pedals now and I am looking for one that has a full EQ, or at least a mids switch, as I find the mids really need to be dialed in for my rig
Just to through this in.... the Barber Direct Drive that I have has the added Mod Board inside. That gives it a combination of 6 internal adjustment pots and 4 dip switches in addition to the tone pot on the top of the pedal. You have a great deal of control to adjust the tone and gain characteristics with your amp.


Regarding that demo of the Carl Martin Plexi tone, he mentions that it tracks well in the upper fretted notes. Aren't there any other well made pedals that don't sound like mud in that area such as the Xotic pedals, Marvel Drive, CB Dirty Little Secret, Animal, etc?


My favorite is the Original late 80's early 90's Marshall.... The Guv'nor. Best MIB Ive found.

I use it to boost/drive my Metro GMP45 and it does a great job of not fudging my basic sound and giving me more of what my amp already has..

Also has the worst battery access of any pedal ever. External power source recommended. Works great with a battery, just hard to put in and get out. Especially getting it out.



I've owned the DLs III, xotic SL, Lovepedal Purple Plexi, CM Plexitone, and by far the best, the Wampler Plexi deluxe. I have the reg Wampler Plexi drive that I got first and still have for small board. I've gotta say though, there weren't any of them that were not good pedals. The Carl Martin especially, but I like a low gain JTM sound as well as a hot Plexi and the Wampler does this low gain sound perfect. The others need a little gain cranked in, the Wampler is like switching amps, well almost.

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