Best match for Weber Ceramic Blue Dog in 2X12


Just wondering what you all thought would be a good match for this speaker? I like the complexity that mismatched speakers produce. Looking for something to balance it out in my open back 2x12 cab. Maybe a G12H or a V30?

Also, my cab is no name open back 2x12 made of 3/4" ply that seems to be made pretty well but the thing is covered in ugly black carpet. Have any of you noticed that carpet affects tone at all?


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The Silver Bell is a popular choice for pairing with the Blue Dog. I've had that combo and it's great. A G12H would also be a good choice IMO.


I would recommend the Weber Silver Bell or G12H30 as well. Both speakers nicely complement the Blue Dog.


Thanks for the input. Oops, rookie move. How do I move this to the right forum? Should I just delete and repost?


My PERSONAL alnico Blue Dog !!!! :AOK

Silver Bell is a good one too, but I love the ceramic/alnico mix.


Another vote for the ceramic Blue Dog / Silver Bell combo.

I have this set up in a 2x12 closed back cab and it rocks for cleans, overdrive, and distorted tones. Just about anything sounds great.


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I've got my ceramic Blue Dog paired with a 70's G12-65 in a convertible & it sounds great. I also tried a Hellatone 30 (G12H30). It sounded good as well, but not as nice as the G12-65. Of course, the Hellatone was brand new & the 65 has been well broken in.

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