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Best middle pickup to go with SSL-1

Josh Jimenez

Greetings TGP! I'm about to upgrade my mij strat with new pups and electronics. I'm set on getting an SSL-1 for the neck and an SSL-5 for the bridge. I was wondering what mid pup would be nice for quack even in gainy settings, varied pickup heights already considered. Actually, would you still recommend a middle pickup change? How do you guys think the SSL-1 and SSL-5 would fare with the stock fender pup? Thanks!


Silver Supporting Member
I would go with an ssl-1 in the mid as well. The ssl-1 and ssl-5 have a distinct sound and I've found that they don't mix real well with other pickups.


I'd go SSL1 if you want to retain quack. I have a Twang Banger/SSL1/SSL1 in my strat plus, it's a great combo.


+1 on another SSL-1. I have a RW in middle position on a super strat (Squire Stagemaster dlx), and it's a great, distinct tone. Some quack there, and in general, just a pickup I really like the sound of. Seems to handle punk/classic rock gain levels and maintains it's character.

For reference, this is through a VHT 12/20 w/oversized openback 1x12, with and without pedals. Other pickups are stock, but not bad for oem. I think they blend well, with the SSL-1 giving some more variety versus the stock middle pickup. I've considered the 1 and 5 for neck and bridge, but don't dig this guitar out enough to justify it. It's just my FR guitar so I can say I have one and have tried it ;-)


Suhr S-Classic, V60LP's, Soft V neck
Gold Supporting Member
+3 on another SSL1 in the middle - that is the same set I put in an EC Strat w/BPSSC and it turned that into an amazing warm, fat strat. Great pickups, just pretend you spent more on them.

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