Best Mini or Micro OD


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One Control makes a bunch. Purple Plexifier is a monster. They probably have about five others that fit the bill too.


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Multiple Mooer pedals... plenty of good ones (also the re-branded versions - Tomsline, etc...)
SL Drive
Mini TSSuhr Riot (though I don't own one... tons of great reviews)
Wampler Mini Tumnus (ditto the above)
MXR Sugar Drive


I don’t have one, but the Mooer Blues Crap sounds good. It does the Bluesbreaker thing.
Well, I'm not the biggest fan of modern blues likely to be played with an overdrive pedal, but I don't think it's necessary to refer to it as crap :D
[also, pretty sure op is looking for "searing leads" or someaught; might want something a bit gainier]
Anyone mentioned the AMT mini drive series? I've tried the S-Drive (SLO), B-Drive (Bogner somethingsomething) and Vt-Drive (VHT somethingsomething) and they were each a different flavor of seared....
Also, One Control Anodized Brown is certainly the appropriate shade. :munch


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I'm using a KHDK Ghoul Jr with my Mesa Roadster, and this little TS clone is great. The different Bass and Gain switches are nice to match your amp's tonality.

Tim Bowen

If you like Rats, Black Secret is excellent. Mooer Ultra Drive is a DS-1 with voicing options. Mooer Hustle Drive is based on the OCD. Which version, I've no idea, as I've never played that Fulltone pedal. My initial plan for the Hustle Drive was as a higher gain gooser, which it does well, but I liked it for low gain and boost use even more and went that route with it. Mooer Solo is like a Suhr Riot.

I'm going to have one more round with the Xotic SL Drive before parting ways. I've never totally bonded with it.

I recently received the E.W.S. Little Brute 2. I've done two gigs with it and plan on doing a few more. Jury's still out for me; sounds and cuts great, but as with Rats and some other distortos, the bass cut is always a thing for me. I just received a Suhr Riot Mini and have slapped it on a board but haven't had a chance to gig it. No direct A/Bs yet, but as expected it sounds very similar to the Mooer Solo. This circuit feels more full to me than some basic distortion circuits, but I'm guessing it's probably more about low mids than bass retention per se. In any event, it's a dark sounding pedal. As with the Mooer, I have dimed the tone control on the Suhr thusfar. Sounds great, but I wish there were another 8-10% high end in there.


Suhr Riot Mini. Love it. The Donner Morpher is a great clone of the Riot, just barely different enough to recommend without guilt. Pretty close

I'll buy a clone and if I like it, I'll buy the original, like the Riot. Usually better note definition and clarity, less mud. Plus you gotta give props to the originals. I bought an Eno Trouble and was so impressed, I bought an OCD.

Plus the cast offs make for a dandy mini grab and go board.


The One Control pedals are great.

My Strawberry Red Overdrive is awesome! And takes a battery which most don’t.


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Suhr mini riot is great. That or one of the One Control minis. On a similar note though... I wish Barber would make mini drives. Then Id tell you mini Direct Drive.


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I love the Tumnus into a Snouse Black Box II.

Enough so that I have Snouse making me a BB mini to go on my PT Nano.

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