Best NEW metal band/album I've heard in quite a while


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Despite what my screen name suggests, I don't listen to much metal these days. Every once in a while I'll check out new bands, but unless they're something special, I usually forget about them.

The band is El Drugstore and the album is called Plague Ship. I heard a teaser track from the album about a month ago and was intrigued so I held onto the name and recently found a stream of the new album. Most teaser tracks are the best song on the album and the rest of the album tends to be somewhat less impressive, but this entire album is amazing and engaging from beginning to end which is something that I can't say about most of the metal albums in my collection! It's got great energy and charges full bore all the way through full without getting boring. The riffage is impressive throughout the album too. They mostly remind me of early Intronaut with a little more talent guitar wise as there is quite a bit of jazz influence, but I also hear a lot of Keelhaul and Cancer Conspiracy and, of course, East of the Wall as the guitarist is an ex-member and the drummer is a current member.

The entire album is instrumental by the way.

Here's the stream of the entire album.


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Nice! Thanks for the heads up on this, haven't heard it yet. Never thought I would see mention of these guys here! I'm a big EotW fan and Seth (drummer here and EotW) is an acquaintance of mine. He used to play in my friends band, Sovenskya. We try and catch them every time they play in town, which is often since they are local boys! I will be checking this out!


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