Best opening track off a debut album?


This a great topic, one with many answers, and it shows you how much effort goes into that lead off track. Most legendary bands have a great kick off to their recording careers.

Here is a non-legend band with a killer opening track to a debut album. One which should have made people stop in their tracks and take notice.



My Name is Jonas by Weezer.

Acoustic intro, followed by a huge building wave of feedback... then the whole band comes in on the first down beat and hits like a fricken' Freight Train!!!

Then it stops after 2 lines and does the same thing again. :)

Hell yeah!!!

I can get behind this as a top candidate. Still a brilliant record, IMO. Also has the best closing song with only in dreams. Pure magic.

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Bass Desires Samurai Hee-haw. :cool:

Yeah, I feel like Marc Johnson had that one in his back pocket, saving it for such an opportunity. Such a great tune, an amazing collection of musicians, and a great set of performances (on all of those BD albums)


Heads up, but that isn't Miles' debut album (edit: know some people do consider it to be), but it is a compilation album of singles recorded between '49 & '50 and released in '57. The New Sounds ('51) is Mile's debut album with "Conception" being the first track

I’m one of those that consider it to be his debut. But here’s the thing…

I like your choice even better.


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I’m one of those that consider it to be his debut. But here’s the thing…

I like your choice even better.
Nice, and yeah, they are both great. One of the most baffling things is how they didn't just put Birth of the Cool out right away as a straight album instead of singles, but glad they eventually got it right.


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I'm a Boston fan and when that debut album hit, I remember being blown away. Though I like many of the other songs on the first Boston album more than MTAF, it definitely was a great debut.

Another one that I think really kicked ass was "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" by Nightranger. While I think NR really got cheezy fast, I still dig the first album and that tune, great opening hook and great dualing guitars with Watson and Gillis I think really kicked right out of the gate.

Of course RLJ's "Chuck E's In Love" was also a great opener. As was "Do It Again" by Steely Dan on their debut.

"Feels Like the First Time" followed by "Cold As Ice" by Foreigner was a pretty good starter at the time too.


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