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best (or your favorite) spring reverb


I have a 1970 Twin Reverb, but I'm not quite satisfied.

I'm looking to get the type of reverb on this album: https://jefferydragrecords.bandcamp.com/album/hypertension

I think I'd describe it as a dark, spring reverb, but I'm not sure.

I'm looking for reverbs across all price ranges, and haven't decided if I wasn't to go with something simpler (like a Spacman Orion or Malekko Spring Chicken LTD) or something that will facilitate a variety of reverbs (like the Empress Reverb or the Strymon BigSky).

What would you/have you gone with?

Bonus points for other tips/gear to get other tones on the above album (vibrato or tremolo, etc.).

Simpler, straightforward design (updated):
Spaceman Orion
Recovery Endless Summer mkII
Malekko Spring Chicken LTD
Digitech Polara
Hardwire Supernatural
Catalinbread Topanga

Full feature options (updated):
Empress Reverb
Strymon BigSky
Eventide Space
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I really enjoy the Malekko Spring Chicken for when I'm using amps that don't have reverb. It really compliments the tone of by EB Fullerton.

I also really love the artwork, even though I wish it was in a smaller box.


Thanks for the responses. To be clear:

1. I want to find a reverb, almost certainly in a pedal format, that has an accurate and tweakable spring and outboard tank reverbs.

2. I would love to have a reverb with an intuitive interface that has tons of algorithms/banks/et cetera to play with.

1 is more important than 2, but I posted here because I would love to achieve both.

Other than the Topanga being added to the list, the Eventide Space has caught my eye, too.


Senior Member
I don't think there is a better Reverb than what a Fender has. Good luck on your search.

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