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Best overdrive for a Mesa Boogie California Tweed

Title says it all. Looking for the best fit for my Cali Tweed. I set the amp pretty much clean. Looking for suggestions
The war on drugs, modest mouse, anything blues, rolling stones, I really play everything but pop country....mainly indie but definitely classic risk as well

Tomi JR

The Ceriatone Horsebreaker has an huge range of tones. It has a BluesBreaker and a Klon side. You can stack ’em, use them individually and there’s a switch that lets you decide which side comes first. And it’s reasonably priced for a handmade pedal.
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Get a dual OD, any of the big ones work well with the Mesa Cleans. I like the Gladio, between the two sides you can get a lot of different edge of breakup to dirty sounds. The Protein is getting a lot of love these days as well.


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Ok so for versatility and Marshall voicing, Suhr eclipse. Super powerful, gets you from barely breaking up to balls out gain, and two sides.

for low gain transparent, Greer Lightspeed. Just a gorgeous pedal.

for TS style, Wampler Clarksdale. It’s a real good TS with a three band EQ and the toggle that affects compression and where the mids sit a little bit.

or good all around single sized pedal, Mojo Hand Rook. Super versatile between the clipping modes and baxandall tone stack. Great pedal that I think would jive well with what you described.


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My suggestion for indie stuff like The War on Drugs and MM is to get a RAT and set it to mild distortion. Then you can roll off the volume knob and get it to clean up into a nice, crispy overdrive. That's two pretty quintessential indie rock sounds. Though I don't know that it'll scratch the blues itch, so might not be the best all around option for you.


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FWIW, I’ve found the following OD’s work really well with my Mesa Boogie Fillmore 50:
  • Shnobel Tone Daily Driver
  • Barber LTD SR
  • Barber Gain Changer SR
  • Greer Lightspeed
  • Skreddy Screw Driver Mini Deluxe
  • BearFoot FX Honey Bee X
  • SolidGoldFX Zeta MkII
And please know… this isn’t just a list of my favorite OD’s, but in fact I’ve found them to work well with my Fillmore (different amp from your California Tweed but similar genetics) and also good for indie/rock/Stones/blues-type OD tones and flavors. Most of these suggestions are also pretty versatile.


I've had good luck (with that amp) with the Fulltone OCD and GT500 for those sounds.

Trying out a Wampler Tumnus now. Sounds good but the jury is still out.

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