Best paid amp modeler VST plugin poll

The best paid amp modeler in my opinion is

  • Amplitube 4

  • S- Gear

  • Revalver 4

  • TH 3

  • Bias

  • Thermionik 5

  • TSE X50

  • Guitar Rig 5 Pro

  • Studio Devil Amp Modeler Pro

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This is rather for fun so just pick one. I know it is more complicated than this.


Nice idea! I have been pondering this question myself and have (so far) tried Bias Amp, FX, Amplitube 4 and S Gear.

Both Bias systems have some cool features and a nice UI but I struggled to get tones out of them that I really like. To my ears, I could never get them to sound very 'real' and I didn't feel that they responded well to dynamics etc.

Amplitude 4 sounded better to me, has better dynamic response and again lots of cool features. Whilst it's quite a lot of money, I think that things like the looper, recording functionality and effects make it quite good value but it gets up my nose the way that it's so obviously designed to persuade you to pile more and more money into it and kind of rams it down your throat.

Overall, my favorite by far is S-Gear. I think it feels / sounds quite a bit better than the others and responded really nicely to picking dynamics and guitar volume / tone control adjustments. The effects sound good and whilst the UI isn't as fancy as some of the others, I find that the design doesn't make me want to dick around and tinker with it every 5 minutes. It made me want to actually play the guitar instead of play with the app. It's just really good without all the ******** and does a very good job of impersonating a real amp in my opinion.
S-Gear is my go-to for most things. It sounds more authentic than anything else for lower gain tones, which is mostly what I use these days. On those occasions when I need more modern oomph, Amplitube 4 works fine.


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S-gear does seem to be killing it at this point..
It's the TGP darling and has been since release. It would be more interesting for music styles... TGP is known as a bluzak festival and that is dead bang SGears strength so for a lot of folks it is the best tool for the job. It is also cheap.

If you look at it as S-Gear or not S-Gear there are a lot of people who do not consider it first choice, there is just not uniformity as to what that is. :D

Example: I voted TH3 because I am currently blown away by it... but would take Amplitube 4 over S-Gear, easily as well... and also Revalver, Thermionik or Bias. Not many have TH3, it is less well known and its price point is much higher than some others.

There's other stuff like the UAD stuff and Eleven which are extremely high quality but expensive, too. My plugin experience is extensive and I have not even tried every single one listed and as noted, there are a number of higher end things.

So 'best' is almost certainly so ill defined here that it really cannot even be meaningful beyond confirming a consensus opinion most who hang here were aware of...


There is no value in such polls.

People will choose the ones that are marketed most heavily on a forum. In this case, not surprisingly, S-Gear or Amplitube 4. I'd throw TH3 and Revalver 4 in this tier as they can do more things right "all-in-one" than S-Gear.


S Gear with Mercuriall U530 and new Spark (Range of Marshall sims) a very close joint second. Nothing comes close to these two and I'm really liking Mercurialls Dynamic cab IRs which has speaker dynamics to simulate how the speaker reacts to the player input.

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I have Amplitude and frankly I don't care for it. I found the inputs on the modules all need to be tweaked to prevent them from being overdriven and generating digital clipping. The Studio Devil stuff Modeller Pro takes all this into the single input to the app with one adjustment. Unfortunately I missed the Holiday Season special on it for $79 and will be waiting till summer when it's supposed to go back on sale.​


I tried a lot, but my preferred sims are not on your list : Bassdude & Rockrack from Brainworx are the best for me.

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