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Best pedal setup under $700 for blues, funk, and rock?


I have around $750 dollars for pedals and am wondering which pedals are very good and important. I really want a T Rex Replica delay pedal, so I'm down to 350ish. I was thinking of a tuner ($80), a Jim Dunlop Dyna Comp ($130), a Tubescreamer ($180), and a fuzzface ($100). This is a little over overbudget and am wondering which i should cut? Also, if u wanna do blues,funk, and rock music, which pedal combo would u go with under 750


OD (take a look at the Bad Monkey, dirt cheap and a phenomenal boost pedal!)

That's what i would consider the basics for Blues/Bluesrock and Funky tunes. I'm not really a Fuzz guy, but if you own a soldering iron you could build a Fuzzface or Bigmuff clone for ~20$ (Tube Screamer as well).


€: If the Trex Replica is what you want, get it. But there are tons of cheaper Delay units out there worth a try. MXR Carbon Copy or Boss DD-someting series are very good pedals for half the price.


For the delay, I would look at the new TC Electronics Flashback x4. It is $249 and should cover your delay needs. For blues, you don't even need a delay.

For overdrive, get a Timmy or one of the Klon clones. If you are set on a Tubescreamer, they can be had in various forms for a lot less than $180. They are probably the most cloned pedal ever. They have also been used to death.

Compressor would be the last pedal I would buy. It sweetens the rest of your rig.

For the fuzz, you are one budget.

Mr. Limbic

Boss TU3, Boss DD-7, Boss TR-2, Boss BD-2, Ibanez Tubescremer, Amptweaker Tight (Rock, Drive, Metal, Swirl Pool), any wah, any fuzz, any compressor...this should really be all you need...if more funk then check out any envelope filters, and if you need a distortion for rock then the Amptweaker stuff or a ProCo Rat will do the job nicely...above all make sure you have a good guitar and amp, then the pedals wont really matter all that much, but I am keen on the Amptweaker stuff :)


GtrWrks bV -> GtrWrks 1963 -> WET -> TC Flashback

INtellitouch PT10-mini headstock tuner


Electric Catnip
Platinum Supporting Member
For $750 to play those styles I would buy:

Old Budda Wah - $250
A Modded/Upgraded Tube Screamer - $150
MJM Fuzz (they have a bunch of flavors) - $170
Used Aqua Puss Reissue Delay (you can adjust the time with your toe, no need for tap tempo with that pedal) - $100
Tuner - $80

Realistically, you should have money left over... those estimates are high.

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