Best Power Pop Song ever made

I know they are a lot of music experts in the world and some have a lot of knowledge about all the great bands out there and yet i never here anyone talk about a Band called Cotton Mather.
The Kontiki Album should be listened to by anyone that says they love Power Pop and if they do not come out saying that it is one of the best Records i have ever heard then i am not sure what could be wrong with this world.
With that i leave you the best Power Pop song ever made from the one of the best Power Pop Albums ever made.
What is "Power Pop"?

The video is "unavailable".
Wikipedia sez:
Power pop (also typeset as powerpop) is a form of pop rock[1][2] based on the early music of bands such as the Who, the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and the Byrds.[3][4] It typically incorporates melodic hooks, vocal harmonies, an energetic performance, and cheerful sounding music underpinned by a sense of yearning, longing, or despair. The sound is primarily rooted in pop and rock traditions of the early to mid-1960s, although some acts have occasionally drawn from later styles such as punk, new wave, glam rock, pub rock, college rock, and neo-psychedelia.

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