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Best practice tube amp a Fender Blues Junior?

I have a home studio but no real amp.

My son has been bugging me about buying a decent amp for the studio. He's got a Fender Mustang II Red in his bedroom. I currently run my guitars through a Line 6 POD 500X or PC based program like Guitar Rig 5 and TH3.

Every time we go to the big box stores we play a Blues Junior, Blackstar (forget the model) and few others. BUT...I played a Supro at Sam Ash (again forget the model) and man it sounded good but it was $1399. I like things that have a big bottom end (budda...bum..psh) and the Supro has it.

I still want to upgrade to a Line 6 Helix which is $1499 so I really didn't want to spend $1399 on amp plus we don't have any pedals. I just spent $2K+ on my 2016 Les Paul Honey Burst Traditional.

He's trying to convince me instead of buying the Helix get the Supro amp then Strymon Big Sky, Strymon Timeline, JHS Angry Charlie / Andy Timmons and EP Booster. Have to say that sounds like a damn good setup. Or do I just get the Blues Junior for the studio and the Helix for me?


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The Helix has all the effects built in and you don't have to dance around like mad to get a delay a chorus and a reverb all on at the same time. Plus there's no little cables and power supplies to fail. Built in expression pedal can control any parameters in real time while you are playing. It's hard to deny it's abilities. I'm currently using mine without accessing any of the amp models cause...well I can't get them to where I'm happy. I really don't miss my Strymon pedals and it looks like Line 6 will continue adding models of other FX with future updates...now if you don't gig ...don't care about routing possibilities or accessing almost unlimited things with the tap of one button it may be overkill. Guitar Rig may be adequate already.

As far as the Blues Junior goes...this is a divided camp. Lovers n haters .. I sent mine packing with no regrets although it had a decent clean tone.

Look into the Boss Katana line. Huge thread here on a great little amp with lots of flexibility. I was a doubter who has seen the light and I have some high end stuff. It's cheap and sounds really good and I'm an old school dyed in the wool tube amp junkie.
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I have a Fender Custom Shop Blues Junior (Deco Tone), and this year I picked up a pair of Fender Pawnshop series amps (Vaporizer, Excelsior Pro; both in surf green). Just pure Fender tube tone, 12W/13W and not very expensive if you do your shopping. I prefer them to my Deco Tone. They are discontinued, so used is the only option. Worth a look IMO

I use 1-2 Roland CUBE-80GX amps more; my tube amps are for fun :)

If you don't need tubes; and, if I was looking for a good practice amp today, Boss Katana 100 1x12 combo would be it.
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If the supro was the titan (50 watt 10" speaker) Sweetwater just blew them out for $800. They might have a demo left for even less.

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