Best purchases of 2019?

Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things' started by Tri Pedal Reviews, Dec 11, 2019.

  1. Tri Pedal Reviews

    Tri Pedal Reviews Member

    Jul 31, 2016
    So what are your favorite finds this year?

    I'm looking forward to the Blooper, but that'll be a next year purchase.

    My top 10 this year, in no particular order

    Source Audio C4 Synth/Spectrum - First pedal I'd be comfortable replacing the Mutron III with. That's really all I care about in an envelope filter. Can it be set to respond to my dynamics without the need of a boost (with single coils)? Can it get the Mutron III sound? Those are my 2 requirements. Spectrum hit both those marks and then exceeded it all by a mile. Picked up the C4 afterwards. Really dig the low end it can add, also has a lot of features. Is super fun when paired with other effects.

    Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl MKII - I owned the Hifi previous to this (and still do). I fully planned on just getting this pedal for the lofi shootout I did, then getting rid of it right after. Well... I kept it. Others were right, for lofi sounds I prefer it. Sounds incredible IMO. One of my favorites in that category.

    Wampler Terraform - It isn't the end all when it comes to multi-mod pedals. Like all other multi-mods, there are things it does well and things it doesn't do quite so well. But, I went directly to Tremolo first thing to try it out. I absolutely love the tremolo they dialed up. Really useful, sine and square wave options. Duty cycle control. Control over stereo spread. All the bear bones essentials I want in a trem. Auto swell also stood out to me. It's the first auto swell I've gotten along with. Chorus was awesome. Flanger was great. Envelope filter was pretty good, auto wah was amazing in stereo. Decent modes were dimension, harmonic tremolo, rotary, u-vibe and phaser. None of them were bad, but compared to individual pedals I've got, they wouldn't be shining. Overall great effort. Wampler did a great job on stereo spread across the various effects.

    Empress Zoia - The gift that just keeps on giving. Community involvement was there from the launch. Lots of preset sharing, I love benefiting off other peoples creativity and work. I figured I'd get it so I could make envelope controlled...everything. Dialed up a few patches that fit my wants. Did some stuff that mimicked the EQD Aqueduct. Since then I've just been sitting back and being amazed at the crazy stuff others have come up with. From mimicking other pedals, to creating new and innovative ideas. My only problem with it is that every new patch is like learning a whole new pedal. It's one of those "I could be doing a lot more with this" pedals. So if that'll bug you, probably not for you.

    Chase Bliss Thermae - After enough coaxing from @oansun , I finally gave this pedal a shot. Put it off a long time due to the price tag. It was certainly worth it. Gorgeous delay! I haven't messed a bunch with the pitch side of the pedal, but just the standard delay alone is worth it for me. Really happy with this pedal. Wish it had a time knob :)

    Dr Scientist The Atmosphere - Far from a perfect pedal. I had many critiques. I'm not using this for standard verb sounds, but I do love the concept and love some of the non standard verb modes. I could play with the Aether algorithm for hours. As with anything with a clock control, I like cranking that down for weird effects. Overall it was still worth it for me. I tried the BitQuest as well after this, it is an awesome pedal.

    Catalinbread Adineko - I did an oil can delay shootout this year. The SA Nemesis was my favorite due to tweakability and overall sound, but the Adineko came in a close second. Really great dark, swirling sound. Sounds awesome on my Spaghetti Western board. Able to create great atmosphere. It's soupy.

    Chase Bliss Tonal Recall Blue Knob - I focused quite a bit on delays this year and this was one of my favorites. It's one of those pedals that just works. I also gravitate towards a darker sound, so it fit that mold nicely.

    Drolo Molecular Disruptor V3 - I own both the V3 and V2. Ala-cart effects. I'm just a big fan of weird, and this fits the mold. Also had surprises in there like Dynamic Vibrato that did an absolutely awesome dynamic chorus. To much to really summarize on this one, but I've done a ton of demos on the various modes. Check em out if you like weird.

    Walrus Audio Julia - The newest addition to the lineup. Been eying the pedal for a long time. I don't know if I can keep saying "I'm not a chorus guy." I have a lot of them. But it's still the last modulation effect I'd choose if given the choice. This one sounded really good and it had enough variety that it can work in many different situations. Paired really well with distortion. Sounded good from subtle to extreme, had a hint of flange sound on certain settings which I dig.
  2. supergenius365

    supergenius365 Silver Supporting Member

    Oct 22, 2005
    Keeley Tone Station
    Keeley Mod Works Plus
    TV Jones T’Armond for my Tele neck pickup
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  3. Jason Calieri

    Jason Calieri Silver Supporting Member

    Jan 5, 2002
    Boston, MA
    Origin Effects RevivalDrive Compact

    Strymon Iridium

    Chase Bliss Thermae
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  4. smellytele

    smellytele Supporting Member

    Apr 17, 2015
    Best purchase was my R9, but as far as pedals go:
    MC6 (to access all the great features of the above 2 pedals with ease)
    I've got a Sunlion in transit, but it's technically a gift, so it's not a purchase. I'm gonna go ahead and guess that it'd be at the top of the list LOL!
  5. BearBryan

    BearBryan Member

    Nov 7, 2018
  6. Kluch

    Kluch Member

    Mar 24, 2012
    EQD Plumes... well it was my only gear related purchase this year, so safe to say it was my favorite ;)
  7. kidmandude

    kidmandude Supporting Member

    Jan 13, 2007
    New Haven, CT
    KR Musical The Fuzz!
    Prescription Electronics Experience
    Vintage DMM

    2016 Gibson R8 CME!

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  8. caledoneus

    caledoneus Member

    Dec 12, 2018
    Helix LT. No contest.
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  9. monty

    monty Member

    Mar 2, 2009
    parts unknown
    Nothing sexy, but finally got t a proper Tube Screamer.
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  10. Gallery

    Gallery Supporting Member

    Apr 16, 2013
    Red Bank, NJ
    I hardly bought anything but basic supplies like cables and plugs and whatnot for the first half of the year, but I finished perhaps a bit too strong through the second half.

    I can't pick one...

    Winner Favorite Overall Purchase to date in 2019

    Chase Bliss/Cooper FX Generation Loss

    I should have bought 2. It's such a shame I love this pedal and will never sell it because I could make a good ROI. The Warped Vinyl was my favorite chorus pedals until the CB/CFx Generation Loss came along.

    Winner Favorite Effect Pedal

    Strymon Volante

    Best user interface ever on a delay. I wish I had two of them for both boards.

    Winner Favorite Dirt Pedal

    Spaceman Gemini IV

    I did buy 2. It's become one of my top 3 fuzzes along with the Sonic Generator and RCA SunFace.

    Winner Most Practical & Most Useful Purchase

    Neunaber Immerse mkII

    Reverb search is over for my small board. I should have bought the white out Black Friday version. Most versatile reverb in the smallest package I've ever tried.

    Honorable Mention

    Benson Monarch Head

    Arrives tomorrow, but I'm already calling it. I have a good feeling about this. Could take the #1 spot.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2019
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  11. donnievaz

    donnievaz Member

    Sep 19, 2006
    Southern MD
  12. sleewell

    sleewell Member

    Sep 10, 2012
    amp: 5153 50w. got it for less than $400 shipped. love that amp to death.

    pedal: industrialectric rm-1n

    guitar: Jackson X Series Dinky Arch Top DKAF7
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  13. Tri Pedal Reviews

    Tri Pedal Reviews Member

    Jul 31, 2016
    Already have a Helix, but I'm thinking about picking that up for a more portable multi effect unit. I dig a lot of the effects.
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  14. SubApathy

    SubApathy Supporting Member

    Dec 2, 2019
    I purchased many pedals in 2019 but the only "2019" pedal that I purchased was the JHS Cheese Ball (Blacked Out) and I love it!
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2019
  15. adolan

    adolan Member

    Aug 27, 2009
    New York City
    Glou Glou Rendezvous
    I love phasers, I have had and or unlimited use of Mutrons, Lovetone, I have owned the Chase Bliss Wombtone, the MOOG MF-103 and a few others not worth mentioning. The Glou Glou is amazing. Yes its large in enclosure size but the headroom and tone of that pedal is so good. Even my best friend who owns OG Mutrons and owned the Doppelgänger was very impressed.

    Pete Cornish G-2

    It took me a while to find one at a great price but I did and am really glad with the pedal, it goes well with all the others.

    Pete Cornish SS-2
    This replaced my SS-3 which I stupidly sold (what was I thinking!) But! I actually prefer the SS-2 so its all good in the end (also got a great deal on this brand new too!)

    Meris Ottobit JR
    Okay, another re purchase, I stupidly sold it and realized it did a few things I really love that I want around/part of my thing so I waited to find a great deal and did, happy again.

    Chase Bliss Mood

    This is a very interesting pedal that I am still learning and being surprised by, its a fun imaginative pedal that is pretty inspiring when it spits back some really awesome randomness you never imagined, more time is needed but I dig this one a lot.

    Montreal Assembly Purpll

    What a crazy crazy PLL pedal, I had the Glou Glou Moutarde and while it was interesting this pedal goes a few places that couldn't and I have to say the Purpll is easier to dial in usable stuff (as well as totally off the wall)
  16. Moniker

    Moniker Guitarchitect Supporting Member

    Apr 6, 2011
    VFE Dragon Hound (w/ external compression knob) - Pale Horse & Alpha Dog combined.. Definitely my 1 desert island pedal. This little box can do nearly everything.
    Buffalo FX Power Booster - End of the chain magic. adds clarity and depth at the same time?!!? yup.

  17. TedJames

    TedJames Member

    Jul 20, 2019
    Alexander Space Race - “Creative” and extremely versatile but also easy to dial in (which is rare in the time based world these days). Reverbs for movie soundtracks.

    Lovepedal COTernity (the psychedelic naked lady double OD version) - Amazing clear sustain- somehow both cutting and thick, never shrill. Speaks with AUTHORITY. Best OD pedal I’ve played - and like everyone on here I have ODs coming out my ears. This got me on the Lovepedal train BIG TIME after having mocked it for a while (though I’m embarrassed to say, even after participating, I still don’t know what “SNS” stands for).

    Montreal Assembly Count to Five - I still have barely scratched the surface of what this thing can do. It’s not a pedal I would ever have thought would be for me (usually not the bleepy bloopy wooshy type at ALL - yesterday I spent all my playing time working on improvs around old Band tunes) but it is strangely musical in its weirdness. Honestly I’m not sure I understand this pedal at all and it scares me a bit.
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  18. Gibson325

    Gibson325 Member

    Sep 11, 2014
    I got an old Echolette tape delay/tube pre-amp for 90 bucks. Sounds great!
  19. mikeyfam

    mikeyfam Member

    Dec 15, 2014
    Mood, Volante, Fabrikat, Zoia, C4, Hedra, Maiden D, Cooper/CB Generation Loss, Outward V2, PurPLL & Blooper heading my way Thursday hopefully.
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  20. adolan

    adolan Member

    Aug 27, 2009
    New York City
    That....Is a major Come up!, Congratulations on that price!
    Now tell me that aint the craziest sounding analog delay?? and that Pre Amp? man....I have been playing mine a lot lately and yeah, no digital is gonna get anywhere near that sound..

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