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Hi Folks,

I am looking for a good Joe Satriani DVD Tutorial

I can´t decide which one might be the best choice:
#1 Learn to play Joe Satriani or
#2 Quick Licks Joe Satriani or
#3 maybe you know something else worth recommending

I tend to learn more along a complete song, than singular licks

all advices are much appreciated


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I'm not sure what is the best, but here is what I do know. All three sets mentioned below feature full songs, not just licks.

1) Danny Gill has put out two Satriani sets (I think each one is 2 DVDs each), for Cherry Hill. Danny Gill was formerly a student of Joe.

2) Andy James did a Lick Library "Learn to Play" Satriani (2 DVDs). It covers some of the same songs, for the most part, as the first of the two Gill sets mentioned above. This DVD set is PAL video format, but it should play on North American computer DVD drives.

Andy has extraordinary clean and fast picking; however, for certain parts, I think he is playing them on a different section of the fretboard than Gill does. But it still "sounds" correct.

Perhaps there are some samples on youtube that you could check out of each set?

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