Best small cheap combo for pedal platform


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Went from small combos ( Pro Junior , Peavey C30 , Zinky BV , Traynor YCV15 ) and then decided I needed 2X12's to sound good , with heads ( Peavey , BV head , Crate Stealth , Laney Pro Tube , Fender Bandmaster ) .....

I'm starting to think I should be getting back to combos , since I don't gig much , and when we do , we're miked up ...I loved the Pro Junior , and likes the Classic 30 , although I never used my pedals with it .....

I like the sound of my pedals , and leaning towards a Pro Junior or C30 again .......any other good inexpensive small combo amps ( $500 or less used ) that are great with pedals ( Crunchbox , Blues Pro , Keeley DS-1 ) ?

Thansk in advance ...


How about a Blues JR??? A little more then the Pro JR....the 12 inch speaker really helps the sound, especially if your playing with a band. They love pedals too.....

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