Best sounding $300-400 acoustic w/ chunky neck profile.


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I'm looking for a used acoustic in the $300-400 price range that:

1. sounds great
2. has a chunky round neck profile

I don't care what it looks like or what wood are used...

Just list model and tonal characteristics for me please!



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The first thing that comes to mind is Seagull or one of the related Godin made brands. You might even be able to buy new in the upper range of your budget.
my Recording King RO-17 sounds ridiculously good for the money.

it can and does hang with much more expensive acoustics!! it is based on the pre-war martins and it is worth looking into.

the neck is chunky and the tone is sick!


I second SEAGULL. Standard model S6 sound really good. I played in a band for about 5 years with a singer that used one. It also sounded amazing through my Mackie PA.
I'm happy with my Boulder Creek Solitaire cutaway. The hole being at the upper side of the body instead of the front face throws some people off, but it's got surprising sustain, playability, and volume for the money - about $300-ish. Seems to be holding up well with my daily tuning changes between standard and CGBGGD tunings. The neck is close in chunkiness to that of my Carvin Holdsworth Fatboy, which has the chunkiest neck of all my electrics and is deserving of its "baseball bat" reputation (some acoustics have necks that feel thin in comparison to the Fatboy's)
Seagulls are great guitars.
Particularly the parlor model.
I always find their necks nice and wide-
but a little thin on the back side.

If the Seagull doesn't work out for you,
try Revival Guitars- really very nice.
The dreadnaught is thick and meaty
(got a decent review in Guitar Player, too)
and the 00 and 000 have a great tone as well.
They have deep, "C" shape necks,
are made of all real tone woods (!),
and are in the price range you're talking.

Good luck!

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