Best sounding strat pickups 2020?

I bought some handmade strat pickups on eBay from a maker in Croatia who goes by the name of Q Pickups or q_pickups.

i have a tele that was a gift. it's heavy-ish alder with a maple neck.
The bridge pickup was always going to sound good, but the neck, well, heavy wood = heavy tone and the neck pickup was overwhelmed, I couldn't lower it far enough.
A quick check of ebay brought q- pickups into range, and I ordered a low inductance neck pickup from him with weak magnets A3?. Anyway, what he sent me is sonically amazing, I usually play this guitar on the neck pickup it sounds so good. Cheap, it was 40 bucks or something. I ordered a set of strat pickups with A3 magnets that are still sitting in their little envelopes for a heavy yet still very toneful strat I have here, they were something like 85 bucks. That's all a person should have to pay for these things, they're just wire and magnets, and they all use the same wire.( and probably the same magnets)


Zexcoil Z-series underwound set is where it's at for me at the moment. All the chime of a great single coil, but zero noise. I love these pickups.

The Zexcoil Juicy Bucker in the bridge is awesome too for rocking out. That is my favourite bridge pickup including full sized humbuckers for rocking out. It backs of to a nice clean too. Add a little a gain and it really shines.


The best pickup is what matches the tonality of any guitarist when it comes to the personality of their style. There are so many choices to choose from. Better playing will also get the best sound out of any pickup.


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For vintage Strat sounds the Duncan SSL1s are solid and won’t break the bank. Get the SSL5 bridge if you want a little extra kick.
I like and use Fender Vintage noiseless. I doubt if you'll ever get any consensus on which strat pickups are best, just to many options to choose from.

Of all the guitars out there, SSS Strat pickup sets must have the most cork sniffers. There is always one more obscure, more expensive bootique set out there for the cool kids. :rolleyes:

After finding several normal production sets that I like, I was done. I like many from Fender also. Time better spent playing, writing, and recording. :aok

David Garner

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I just got these delivered today, so for now I'm going with them even though I haven't yet heard them in my guitar. Will update.


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